Over on repetitive content and utilising multiple Micro-learning

Over the years the Learning industry has witnessed an
explosion of new learning offerings, including MOOCs, Digi-learning platforms
and content, Micro learning technologies, and cloud-based training systems.
These revolutionary platforms are simple, provide access to internal and
external learning material, and leverage analytics to recommend content in a Netflix
and Amazon style delivery mode.

As expected, while many corporates now demand a
personalized, digital learning experience similar to the likes of YouTube and Netflix,
many companies are still reliant on their native learning management systems
that almost like a Training catalog. Research has shown that less than 25
percent of companies are equipped to implement the modern day digital learning

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If you ask me this trend will definitely diminish by
the year 2025 given the rapid pace at which companies are investing heavily in
the learning and development technology market.

Over $400 million was invested into fast-growing
learning providers such as EdX, Khan Academy, and Udemy, during the last few
years and these platforms are now few of the large marketplaces for online training,
serving millions of users.

A simple Google
search that I did threw up the following global educational technology estimates.
The worldwide spending on e-learning will reach $325 billion by 2025. A
Business Wire report put the global higher education technology market at $29 billion.


Here I’d like to list down some fantastic examples about
how Corporates and Institutes are focusing not just on Technology but radicalising
the very Culture of Learning and Development.


1)      Philips
has created what is called “Distributed Learning Teams” cut down on repetitive
content and utilising multiple Micro-learning platforms to create a consistent learning


2)      A
school in the Rural US learnt about the Arctic by following a livestream of
Scientists that were exploring the region, followed their blogs and Skyped with
the scientists.