“Over the past couple years it has been

“Over the past 12 years I haved lived, self confidence has been one of the things to follow me as I am older. When I was younger i of course had self confidence because I didn’t care what others thought and I knew I was skinny and fit. When I turned ten and up until now the pressure of having the perfect body has affected me and my self confidence. I am very athletic because I swim and run so I am in shape but the words of others, comparison to others, and how women are being used as objects have affected me and other people I know. The simple words that others have said such as “your fat and your ugly” can even affect a girls confidence. As technology improves lately it is so easy to say anything you want to anyone with a simple click of a button. Social media is a great way to connect with others but over the past couple years it has been used for more of a tool of cyberbullying. As people said these words to me and others I started to become less confident. At first this was a weird feeling because I had never felt this way, but soon this feeling became normal and before I knew it I wasn’t confident. On top of this peers were comparing me to others saying stuff like “you wish you looked like this” and ” you wish were pretty”. This really broke my confidence level down because I felt like I wasn’t good enough for anyone not even my friends or even my family I have known forever. Lastly, woman lately are being used for objects. Some guys only will date them because of what they look like or if they have a nice body. This can affect girls because they might feel like they have to be pretty or have a nice body to get a guy to like them. Even simple ads from victoria secret make girls feel like they aren’t good enough like the way I felt. Lately from the support of my friends and family I have begun to realize that what I thought was nonsense. When I thought all of that stuff my conscience was is a bad place and I wouldn’t want to return back to that time. I was talking to my dad one day and he said to me “Oliva, you are smart, beautiful, ,skinny, an amazing swimmer, a great student and great student athlete, has tons of friends, and a family who loves you. You are practically perfect”. This really changed my outlook on things because it had come from a guy who has known me since I have been little and knows what I have been like through the years. So as I recap on the question ” Do girls have too much pressure on them to have the perfect body?”, all i can say is yes, yes they do. But it really is the way they look at themselves and how their surroundings affect them. No one should feel as if they are not good enough or ugly or fat. Everyone is skinny and different in their own way this is what makes us human. No one can make you feel confident but they can build up your confidence and break it down. I know how it feels to be experiencing both. I have become more confident now and as I am, I am starting to realize how many girls are just like me.(not super confident) what I have learned from my experiences it that you don’t have to please anyone as long as you are being yourself. If people can’t accept the real you then they are missing out on something worthwhile.”-Olivia Leasure. When the internet portrays beautiful woman with perfect bodys they usually show a blonde with long perfect hair who has curves and big boobs and a big butt with no waist and nice tall legs and tan skin. It’s sad to think that girls all over the world think that their bodies aren’t perfect because it doesn’t match up with the media’s definition of perfect. There are so many other pressures in life,let’s take