“Overview in country, civilians become to migrate to

of climate change in Myanmar and its consequences”

shown movie in title of “The aged of consequences” demonstrates information
about climate change and its consequences on the contemporary world.  In general, what stands out from the movie is
that conflict, instability, unrest, capacity, poverty, migration, collapse,
dependency and adaptation are all came out all over the world in terms of
climate change. If so, what is climate change? Climate change is a change in
the ecosystem, represents the rising temperature on earth and is mainly due to
the usage of fossil fuels which produces greenhouse gases and carbon dioxide in
the atmosphere. Climate change affects all the countries around the world by
means of extreme heat waves and droughts. Moreover, extreme weather gives
melting ice, becoming heavy rain and rising sea level, etc.

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are unnecessary consequences that affect human beings because of the climate
change. In contemporary world, all countries are suffered by climate change in
several ways. Among them, I would like to highlight about Myanmar concerning
with the climate change and its impacts on civilian populations based on the
ideas of the movie.  Surprisingly,
Myanmar is full of many precious natural resources as well as an agricultural
land. Nevertheless, the previous military government sold these natural
resources to foreign countries and did not give enough protection on these
deteriorated areas.  So, the depletion of
natural resources like soil, forests, etc leads to climate change in Myanmar.

a consequence, there were shortages of necessary supply such as food, water,
and energy sources. When there was no capacity on how to use these resources
beneficially and how to earn money for country’s budget, Myanmar was standing
as least developed country.  The country
has regarded from international community only in extreme poverty. So, the
country could not provide basic shelters for all civilian populations.  Therefore, there was instabilities and social
unrest among populations.  Moreover,
Myanmar belong a long term civil war between Burmese and ethnic groups in order
to get federal democracy.  Ethnic groups
want to possess their own area and want to promote these areas to be more
developed. Unfortunately, it even came to conflict and then it threatens both
human security and national security.

because of the happening social unrest, instabilities, and poverty in country,
civilians become to migrate to other foreign countries in order to get better
opportunities. However, the employed workers got poor treatment in their job. Who
knows to what extent they are violated human rights and to what extent they are
threatened human security? Furthermore, there can be a doubt that Myanmar has
no sovereignty because it cannot protect its civilians from both internal and external
challenges. Therefore, to trace back the root cause of this issue, migration
becomes for the reason of poverty, poverty becomes for the reason of
mismanagement of existing natural resources. Then, there is a question why
natural resources become scarce?  Of
course, it is only due to climate change.

sum up, crisis occurs because of climate change. If so, how do we protect our
country not to be a prison of climate change? Although there will no clear
outline for solution, we as citizens have to follow the requirements and
principles, at least not to occur climate change. The country itself has
responsibility to guide its populations. Moreover, if the country should bind
sovereignty and have capacity to control transnational flows and security
risks, the happening causes of conflicts, unrest and migration will no longer
be existed.