Citation is used by writers to acknowledge other people’s contribution in their work. When we take an idea, any sentence and quote it or paraphrase it for our work we have to use citation. This citation will help remove the possibility of any plagiarism. Citation is basically referencing your work. Your reference to make sure that whoever your reader is, they should know about your source of idea and basis of your thesis. Referencing is writer’s way of honouring the real person’s idea. Often we use many sites and books to make our study more logical. To prove our concept we take other people’s idea whether published or non-published. We add few of our own ideas and mould it the way we want it. When readers go through our work they always need reference to trust our ideas. For this reason citation is used. Citation includes footnotes, bibliography and reference list like in Oxford style.

Basic reason to use citation other than to avoid plagiarism is to let the reader do their own research. When we provide reference for any of our arguments, readers can further look into those references to better understand your concept. Today citations are of many styles, one of the most famous is Oxford. Citation basically involves providing reference as footnotes, bibliography form, or a reference list at end of document like in Oxford style. When we take someone’s idea there is always a chance of getting caught. Anyone can blame us for using their work and telling it as ours. To avoid these consequences Oxford citation style is used. It will give the author credit for their original work and yet let you enjoy the admiration of readers for putting someone’s idea and enhancing it to next level.

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Oxford referencing style was introduced for readers who are interested in detailed reference list. It was made and approved by Oxford University itself. The main theme of having Oxford style citation is to continue the rhythm of reading for viewers. When we start reading any interruption can cause sidetracking. To avoid distraction a footnote is used. Oxford style provides the format where any referencing is done at end of the page. Wherever there is need for creating a reference a number is inserted in superscript. Then later it is explained in reference list at end of document.

Oxford style is very different from other citation styles in terms of reference list or putting a footnote. In other styles authors prefer to give description of quote or idea just after the sentence. In footnote they explain the reference. Whereas in Oxford style footnote gives brief reference of source for the information or idea stated. Later in reference list complete detail of it is presented to reader. Oxford style does not bother the reader with lots of information about the sources of idea there and then. Sometimes there are more than 5 writers involved in reference. All of them cannot be mentioned. There a footnote helps well than in-text referencing.

Other than this, Oxford citation style is similar to any other referencing styles authors adopt for their work. Oxford style like all other styles uses alphanumeric references, stating name of author first and then date of publication. Later in reference list or bibliography there is detailed description of author’s name, work, publication and its year.

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