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As a Syrian, the questions of security, and the absences of security have been central in my life in the past few years. Since the start of the conflict, it quickly became clear to me that the external powers involved are pursuing a condominium over Syria. In peace talks and multi-track diplomacy, the representation of females like me is almost nonexistent, this is why I became committed to pursuing a career in public service and international work in order for me to be part of my country’s future. 

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My academic background as a law student as well as my personal experiences allowed me to reflect on notions like peace, security and justice profoundly. 
In my first year International Relations course, I was introduced to the different schools of international relations and to a number of thematic studies beginning from the Cold War, to the new organisation of states relations after the 1980s oil glut and 9/11, to more recent events like the annexation of Crimea and the rise of Daesh. The theoretical aspect of the class is of a special importance to me, as I believe having a working knowledge of the classical theorists will enable me to understand, and perhaps place new theoretical propositions into the young field of security. 

It was in a  series of lectures delivered at the Sorbonne about the defence industry in Europe, that my true interest in security as a field of study was sparked, later in my International Public Law class I was able to examen further the contracts concluded between States and major defence producers in their quest to build their military capabilities, in “studying “European and International Security Strategies” I am interested in studying how the defence industry and partnerships like the Missile Technology Control Regime play a factor in security strategic designs. 

As a student of a French Law program in a Common Law country, I am exposed to different jurisdictions and legal regimes, and I often find myself compelled to produce comparative work between these regimes which in result made me acquire serious comparative methodology and sharp reasoning skills. I am eager to take “Intelligence Analysis & Policy Making” at Glasgow, on the one hand, I will be able to further develop analysis skills. On the other,