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 Musk was able to manufacture rockets at a fraction of the cost allowing him to run more test and advance in a faster pace with the research which tells us that in a few years commercial space travel could become a reality, not only that but at this pace Musk gets closer and closer to the original goal he set for SpaceX to be and that is colonizing mars during his lifetime. Musk openly express how he feels about extending the human race throughout the universe when he compares life on earth to a computer saying “You back up your hard drive… Maybe we should back up life, too?” (Heath 2). 
      Around a year ago Musk took the initiative to take part in creating a nonprofit research company that develops artificial intelligence whose goal is to make it work with humanity instead of against it when he found himself in the tech world’s controversy that artificial intelligence could turn on humanity and be its ruin instead of its salvation expressed Musk when he said “If we create some digital super-intelligence that exceeds us in every way by a lot, it is very important that it be benign” (Chapman 4). Many of other initiatives that musk take are directly related to humanities future and his ingenuity doesn’t only take him where humanity is headed in the next hundred years but also to problems that we now face, like the burning of fossil fuels and how it is affecting the planet’s atmosphere and that is a direct cause of global warming, to address this problem Musk co-founded Tesla Motors in 2003, a now multi-billion-dollar company that specializes in making cars that rely a hundred percent on electricity (Dana Hull and Patrick May 6), The company also manufactures Home batteries that turn a regular house into a house totally powered on solar energy with the compliment of solar panels that it sells for roofs and that they have strategically placed all over the country and world for Tesla owners to charge completely free in specific charging stations. Tesla cars are electric but very different from most other cars in different ways, a Tesla car can be fully charged in less than thirty minutes and can run about 400 miles in one charge, improvements can be made remotely from a smartphone and what’s best all Tesla cars have Autopilot which lets the driver set cruise control while the car accelerates and decelerates on its own according to the traffic that it senses around it (Heath 8). Musk talks of this updates in cars as if we have always had them around because for him these are minimal achievements that take us a few steps further into the future.
       As Elon Musk’s success grows, so does his philanthropy. Musk joined other millionaires in signing “The Giving Pledge”, a commitment to give most of his wealth. His uncle Mike Musk, a dermatologist in South Africa said “He has gambled his entire fortune on SpaceX and Tesla and at times has almost lost it. He’s generous, kind individual, but ruthlessly determined in business.” After Musk promised him to pay for the educational costs of his three children. Elon Musk established The Musk foundation in 2001 in California and he currently is a chairman. It promotes renewable energy, pediatric research, human space exploration and science and engineering education. The foundation gave $10,000 to SafetyBeltSafe U.S.A., a non-profit dedicated to child passenger safety. Stephanie Tombrello, Tesla’s executive director, who knows Musk through their overlapping efforts to make Tesla vehicles safer for children said “If we don’t come up with brilliant ideas, like the electric car or reliable and affordable solar energy, we may lose it all. He really does believe that we’ll go to space eventually, and he wants to make it easier. More than anything, he cares what happens to humanity. He wants to make sure it carries on.” (Hull Dana and Patrick May 7).
     Elon Musk has shown relentless efforts to drive humanity’s future to the best possible outcome as all his success can be traced back to steps that he has taken to make the world a better place. His visions for the future has brought us many capabilities in the present for what was once only ideas, had become realities thanks to Musk’s ambitions for a better future.

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