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s1 {font-kerning: none}It is with great privilege that I write to you in recommendation of Sungmin Ro for the Design and Technology Program at Parsons School of Design. I had the pleasure to know and work with Sungmin early this year for six months when she worked as a Graphic Designer in the Advertising team at H STUDIO in Lyndhurst, NJ. I managed Sungmin during her time here. I am happy to provide her my endorsement for future graduate study and hope to deliver to you the same traits that convinced me to hire her as a new graduate.At a personal level, Sungmin is a well disciplined, industrious girl with a very pleasant personality. I put an emphasis on her personality as it is impossible to have any kind of unpleasant encounter with her.

She loves putting a smile on one’s face. I remember deciding on her hire immediately after her interview. She was a well qualified candidate for the position and it was certain that she would bring positive energy to the company.

Sungmin brought to all of her assignments much energy, enthusiasm, and commitment. She showed competent utilization of Illustrator and Photoshop and in crafting of our weekly advertisement pages, and the establishment of building knowledge of emerging technologies. She was consistent in delivering high-quality design for the team, quickly establishing herself as a go-to person in the team. She took the lead in communicating with the newspapers and ensured on-time delivery of accurate information. She was always willing to work with others to share her knowledge and expertise, and continued to impress the team with her endless enthusiasm.Sungmin frequently expressed her interest in programming and communicated her passion in technology. She had various personal projects that she was working on, and was open about sharing the technical design and the reasoning behind her work. She seemed to have a passion for creating software that promotes the wellbeing of people in need.

She shared her technical knowledge when she could, for instance, she once lectured me and her peers about the importance of what data storage to choose when creating web applications. She has the ability to sit down and dive into areas she is curious about which I see as a powerful trait to have as a future graduate student in design and technology fields.I am certain Sungmin will be a valuable member of any academic program.

I highly recommend you to look favorably upon her application. If I can be of any further assistance, or provide you with any further information, please do not hesitate to contact me at [email protected]