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What is Where :
Gun violence has been an issue in Toronto for quite some time now. The majority of gun violence takes place in Danzig St.
A wild shootout in a crowd of 200 people which included elders and small children. It was one of the worst nights of gun violence for Toronto with two deaths and 24 injured. 

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Why there
Disagreement may lead to gun violence which is caused and can lead to lots of things such as gangs starting gunfight and sometime drugs or alcohol abuse.The effects of gun violence could be serious and severe injuries or death. A solution to this is to have police patrol the area or community service for the youth in the community.  Quebec funds 300 youth centres across the province, and in return the province has the lowest youth crime rate in the country. Due to lack of government fundings youth centres in Ontario are closing.

Why care
I think that it’s important to reduce violence in the community and in Toronto, to provide support for the children in these communities and not let them be influenced by the bad things. 

Social Status Issues at Regent Park
What is Where:
Regent Park was built in 1940 as a public housing project, located in Downtown Toronto.This project was managed by the Toronto Community Housing. Regent Parks residential dwelling, before any developments were created, it was covered completely by social housing at the time.  
Regent Park is experiencing a high rate of poverty, crime and drug abuse.
Why There?:
There are many impacts for social status such as, the employment rate is at 18.3% of employment, leaving 81.7% of unemployed. Everyone who is unemployed doesn’t get an income which affects how they live. The income rate in Regent Park is $34,825. It has the highest percentage of low income households in Toronto of 46%. It has the highest percentage of rented households in Toronto. They may start dealing illegal narcotics if its too hard for them to find a real job

In Toronto, we have something called Ontario Works which is there to help low income families with their financial issues and to find job opportunities. We need to help people in communities like Regent Park to get welfare to help them get back onto their feet again. Another way is to have more workshops for people to help them find jobs they would enjoy.

Why Care?:
Social status affects how some people feel about others and how they are treated. Social status is usually defined by wealth, this causes controversy and unhealthy relationships between people. So instead of dividing our nation why not help others come up and have a better platform

What is where?:
Downtown Toronto is the centre of the city and the main business district of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. It is the governmental centre for the City of Toronto and the Province of Ontario. Pollution in Toronto is a huge issue in Toronto that is affecting millions.

Why There?:
There are many health impacts such as, nose and throat, irritation to eyes, shortness of breath, asthma, heart and cardiovascular system, causes heat waves, and death. Some environmental impacts are the amount of chemicals in the air and the more pollution the more heat is in the air which causes climate change. Not only will it cause sickness but it could also have a great effect on the crops and animals in the city of Toronto.
To reduce the air pollution we can conserve energy, use energy efficient light bulbs. We can also drive less as it has a huge effect on the air quality, it is way better just to walk or ride a bike to your destination. Recycle whatever you can or throw in the garbage, and to avoid throwing it on the floor.

Why Care?:
If the air quality isn’t clean it leads to more mortalities and sicknesses. It also leads to climate change which is what we should avoid more recently as many countries to this day are surrounded by smog everyday and that’s something we should try and prevent for our country.
This really needs t be taken care of because its affecting the environment and the peoples health and living.

What is where?:
Yorkville is an affluent neighbourhood in Toronto. Yorkville is a neighbourhood near by Jesse Ketchum Public School on Davenport Road. Dog owners are letting their dog do their business on the school’s new $500,000 field. 

Why There?:
Dog poop is taking over Yorkville. A parent of a student at  Jesse Ketchum Public School said ” The fees is all over the field. Its a real hazard for the kids”. It was labeled as a non-point source pollutant by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), placing it in the same category as herbicides and insecticides, which come from places such as acid drainage from abandoned mines. It is actually toxic that cause burns and unsightly discolouring to lawns.
To reduce this problem we should put more garbages in the area encouraging dog owners to throw out their dog’s waste. We can set harsher punishments since there is a school in the area.

Why Care?:
A single gram of dog waste can contain 23 million fecal coliform bacteria, which are known to cause cramps, diarrhea, intestinal illness, and serious kidney disorders in humans. Bacteria and organisms in animal waste can get on our hands and, through day-to-day living, can inadvertently get in our mouths.


What is Where?:
Lake Ontario is one of the five Great Lakes of North America.

 Why There?:
Lake Ontario is a polluted body of water. It is polluted from many things such as human waste, harsh chemicals, household hazardous waste etc.. Lake Ontario being polluted is a huge issue as many people in Ontario and New York uses the water for many things. When polluted water enters our body it can cause lots of health issues such as vomiting, diarrhea, sick stomach, skin rashes, certain types of cancer for a long period of time, reproductive problems, and developmental problems like learning disabilities could occur. Also any type of marine animal living in the lake would have a harder time surviving.
There are many methods to reduce water pollution. One way is to be careful with any chemicals you use. Make sure you dispose of it correctly, don’t let it spill, don’t use unused chemicals exposed to the weather, do not apply near any waterways. Another way is to reduce the amount of stormwater runoff. Simply protecting the exposed soil will help with water pollution. Also make sure to take care of any spills properly and to dispose of it. Lastly capture any debris in the lake and dispose of it. These tips and many more can help clean our waterways.

Why Care?:
Lake Ontario supplies water for both Ontario and New York and if it was polluted there are many effects to us and marine animals which could lead to death. Certain marine animals are endangered so keeping them safe is also a key point. It is also one of the most vulnerable Great Lake so if anything were to happen, this would cut of Ontario’s main waterways which would lead to further complications as well.