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Gases? How bad are they to us? Everyone has heard how our outer field is getting weaker. How they are hurting our environment in many ways. Like with plans and oxygen and even global warming! In the article “Reduced sea ice disturbs balance of greenhouse gases” the authors “Staff Writers” tell us about the widespread of the Arctic sea ice is causing significant changes to the balance of greenhouse. Our atmosphere is getting bad. Its getting so bad its messing with our ice and stuff like that in frozen place. There has been a lot research going on about this. It’s all for one future. Showing the way we can save it n extend its life. How the earth is getting worse cause all the earth field is weakening.and the sea level raised, 4.6 years are great and show the climate change sign and showing. So the rising temperatures make the growth more violent and their more carbon dioxide is used up and is good effect. And the other hand the same temperature rise means that more carbon dioxide and methane are released. Like the bad air held is with the reasoning of the chemicals and the bad for our outer shield. “Its from the soil so has a strong bad impact on the climate” according to Dr Frans-Jan Parmentier. In the changes on earth the study show that there are a number of bad gases around and the effects of the melting ice on the amount of green house gases trade or moved by it ocean through the movement. Many of the marine processes were not noticed in the information they found. ” We know very little about how the shrinking sea ice cover disturbs the balance of greenhouse gases in the sea in the long term “, says Dr Parmentier.
This past sum a group of ice one very long and wide melted at the N Pole. Crops in Texas dried and died they are burned by hot temperatures and a record breaking eight weeks without any rain.The drought allowed wildfires to burn a lot of acres of forest across the West.

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