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Home is a sacred space; and sharing it with someone can be difficult and awkward. We never knew each other as kids, but now we’ll be growing up together. We took the leap and moved away from home. We know joy of having an empty room—where sweatpants and complaining are encouraged— waiting to be decorated. Every picture messily taped to wall will hold funny memories in our lives. But our pictures together will be there to stay and in next couple years the photo wall will grow, hopefully bigger than we’d ever imagined.
In the tiny space we’ll be making the kind of memories that will last lifetime, the kind of memories that we will one day annoy our children with. At the end of a long day, we won’t have our moms but all we’d be having is each other’s support. It will be a transformative period in our lives and in midst of so much change, there’ll be something so comforting about knowing that we’ll be in this together. You being with me, will subtly confirm that if we ever make it to the top, we won’t be standing up there alone.
All the nights we’ll lie on the floor talking about our goals and even when we’ll come home defeated from the day; these experiences will be leading to something. But I’m glad you’ll be there with me.
To round-up, you’ll be simply mesmerised by most, if not all, of my antics.
                                                                                                  -Your Future Roomie 😉

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