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5px ‘Times New Roman’}li.li4 {margin: 0.0px 0.0px 2.3px 0.0px; font: 11.5px ‘Times New Roman’}ul.ul1 {list-style-type: disc} Abhishek Kaushal 623 E 17 Avenue Vancouver, BC, V5V1B5 (604) 512-0410 kaushal.

[email protected] Summary of Professional skills • Certified member of Hootsuite Social Media and Marketing, generated weekly target customer analysis report, on CRM (Customer relationship management) • Providing excellent customer service, catered with the need of customers and maintaining the tidiness of the floor by restocking the items • Simplifying the process of digital channels across Hootsuite Platform • Orchestrating new deals with team to increase sales –per-hour goals • Chaired group meetings in college and performed division of work according to one’s skills to lower down the burden • Created content calendar for Boohi Bags for Christmas 2018 season for the project Employment History Armani Outlet, Vancouver, BC October 2017- Present Sales Associate • Achieved daily sales target goals by working on SPH (Sales- per- Hour) and maximizing monthly revenue to 100,000 $ in a team of 6 • Facilitated the launch of new Armani Exchange showroom at Templeton by streamlining inventory and restructuring Armani Outlet, under the supervision of General Manager in a team of 15 • Performed disposition of returned goods according to size and style placements. • Offload, inspect and received all products from shipments • Active involvement with store image presentation management, and promotional event organization • Documented background of efficient client establishment and management technique of clients. CLS Catering Services Ltd, Vancouver, BC June 2017- September 2017 Galley Manager • Maintaining coordination of various working assembly lines at CLS catering services for different airlines at the same time and managing the stock which needs to be delivered before flight takes off by analyzing the flight charts to reduce time lag by 10 % company standards Abhishek Kaushal kaushal.

[email protected] (604)512-0410 2 • Prioritizing working with assembly line through updating the flight charts information, provided by supervisor and modify work in real time basis • Reducing response time in a pilot project for Cathay Pacific airlines, working on pit stop strategy by assembling, unifying and maintaining the required stock for the flight to take off by 3% reduction in time Education Langara College, Vancouver, BC, Canada May 2017 – Present Post Degree Diploma- Business Administration BBSBEC, Punjab, India August 2007 – June 2011 B. Tech – Electronics & Communication Certification • Successfully completed Hootsuite Platform certification, by using Social Media advertising, paid promotions, content calendar and creating original content for Boohi Bags across various Social media platforms- Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.