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While the above variables do point to the way that there was generous legitimacy in embracing the PPP approach, we should recognise the verifiable dangers that people in general area would keep on retaining. For this situation, the task itself was rejected and a re-offer requested. There have been a few worldwide points of reference where governments have needed to either reclaimed certain dangers or crossed out feeble open foundation extends on the grounds of securing open intrigue. To be sure, such money related help or rescue bundles were, maybe, important for those economies. Be that as it may, these are verifiable dangers for the administration because of the idea of open administration or foundation office being rendered and the legislatures expressed or certain commitments to its nationals for the arrangement of the same ought to be noted. Following are a portion of the key learning’s and perceptions

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Land Development: The government gave business advancement rights to very nearly 296 sections of land to the Concessionaire which basically comprised of land assigned to the stops and land for the stations. The land advancement permitted on account of stops was a total most extreme of 12.5 million square feet and on account of stations was an aggregate greatest of 6 million square feet. The aggregate estimation of land advancement totalled to a generous level of the task cost. This change of the use of arriving on a business premise combined with the metro venture prompted generally unique offers from the bidders. The offers were based on the consortium recouping its capital venture from the land improvement. The land showcase is extremely unpredictable and patterned in nature. An unfavourable standpoint for the segment would have the danger of trading off the improvement and development of the task. In this way, in a perfect world land advancement ought to be a little segment of the undertaking which would enable the private administrator to finish the venture in spite of the downturn in the land segment. DMRC, which led the plausibility to think about for the task, in certainty suggested that the quantum of land improvement ought to in a perfect world be not more than 7-8 percent of the aggregate venture cost.  Moreover, land advancement normally gives speedier profits for capital put that interest in the metro rail framework. A substantial part of land improvement would open the task to the danger of the genuine development and nature of the metro being traded off as the private administrator would have a more noteworthy motivating force to finish the land advancement instead of building the metro. An elective accessible to the legislature was to attempt the land improvement without anyone else’s input as well as acquiring a private administrator to build up this land through a different acquisition process.  This improvement income could have been utilised to cross-finance the development/operational period of the