Paddy Clarke

Using the extract below (pages 167-170) as your starting point, you should: Explore how Doyle develops the voice of his child narrator to reveal his changing relationship with his brother Examine how violence enables Payday to make sense of the world around him Doyle uses the narrative voice of a child to show a changing relationship between Payday and Sinbad. In the episode ‘Sinbad is good at football’ Payday presents a growing voice of annoyance towards his brother. This can be seen here; “He was a twirl”.

With the use of the simple declarative and childish colloquialism it becomes clear that his brother agitates him, especially as Sinbad is better than Payday at football. Payday is usually seen as a powerful fugue within the friendship group behind Kevin and is being undermined by his little brother. He is beginning to see Sinbad as a threat to his power and is becoming annoyed. This is the beginning of a changing attitude for Payday towards his brother, previously In the novel, Payday Is seen to deal with his brother with violence, but realizes that this no longer works and Hereford does nothing.

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Further along in this episode, Payday is begins to display another voice, making him seemingly proud of his brother, “He wasn’t selfish like most fell’s who could dribble”. The use of the modal verb of ‘could’ in this passage makes it evident that Payday has noticed that his brother is becoming good at something and this is a more mature display of character towards his brother. He is seen to be stepping up in the absence of his parent who are usually too busy arguing to focus on the children, this is the iris time that payday is seen to step up and mature in order to look out for his brother.There Is a change In Paddy’s relationship towards Sinbad as in recent times Payday would have been more interested In hurting his brother than showing his pride towards him, which Is an Indicator for his Increasing maturity. In the same episode, Sinbad is good at football’, Payday displays a sense of jealousy towards his brother “It was great, and I wanted to kill him”. The crafted juxtaposition of “great” and “kill” shows that although Payday is now more mature in terms of cooking after Sinbad, he is becoming envious of him.

He is jealous that Sinbad is becoming better than Payday at things, in this case, football. This shows a change in the relationship between the two brothers, progressing from annoyance towards his brother to pride with slight Jealousy. Doyle uses violence to help Payday make sense of the world. In the episode ‘Seven’s Poker’ on page 127, we notice Paddy’s violence “l enjoyed the crunch of someone else’s pain”. The monosyllabic “crunch” indicates the simplicity of inflicting pain.

Main power within the group.The Juxtaposition of “enjoyed” and “pain” highlights the growing competition experienced by Payday as he realizes it will only increase if he wishes to be influential within the adult world. In the episode on page 186, ‘Fight with Sean’, Payday experiences violence first hand; “No one had Jumped in for me when Charles Law had been going to kill me”. The use of hyperbole in, “kill me” and plosive sound of the “k” indicates the viciousness of the adult world, which Payday is trying to comprehend. Payday realizes that the ‘real oral’ is full of people who are simply out for themselves.

The adult world is about survival of the fittest, you need to look after yourself because no one else is going to. He learns violence from adults, from his parents as a child. But as an adult you are required to learn these things for yourself, no one is there to teach you these things.

He realizes that the adult world is a lonely place, where you need to take care of yourself as a priority. Another episode where Payday witnesses violence first hand is when ‘Ma hits Payday on page 118, “She never hit me usually. But she did then”.The use of contrast in “never” and “did then”, and dioxide of “then” shows that Payday has begun to realism the difference between the child and adult world. The ferocity of the adult world is incomprehensible to a child but the violence he start to witness has made him realism that the child world is safe and relaxed in comparison the harsh, violent adult world that he is growing into. He realizes that he is maturing as his mother hits him which before “she never did”.

Which is important for him in experiencing the difference between the two worlds.