Pakistan last six seven years; the main reason

Pakistan isexpected to see a marked increased in structured finance and successfultransactions would certainly spread out over a broad range of sectors.

The callto foreign investors to inject funds and send back profits earrings out clearas ever as the newly elected government tries to exercise its mandate. Thegrowing market of trading corporations, banks extractive industries andmanufacturers has began engaging legal counsel and accountants to carry outfeasibility studies and documentations for a variety of future flows includingoil & gas royalties and credit card receivables . This has led thedevelopment and strong growth in financial system in Pakistan. As the investorconfidence has regained therefore they interested to invest in innovative financialinstruments in market. There is an increasing trend in banking system in Pakistan from the last six seven years; the mainreason of this growth is privatization of NCBs and some other reforms which aretaken by the government of Pakistan.The new productsand services are introduced by the bankers for the consumer like credit carsphone banking, on line transactions etc which are the major proof ofdevelopment in this sector. Similarly the people of the Pakistan are happy fromthese reforms in the local banking culture as well as some disagree from thisdevelopment but these few in number.

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I found thatmost of the people are agreeing that there is an impact on local bankingculture due to the foreign arrivals. People think that now a day banking systemis according to our expectations, they are satisfied from the customer servicesdepartment of the banks, which are doing excellent job s. The results areclearly shown that the majority of people are agree with statement that “thegreater the practices of foreign banks in Pakistan, after year 2001 the greaterchange in Pakistan banking culture, most of the null hypothesis are rejectedand so alternate hypothesis are accepted.

only in two variables the nullhypothesis are accepted because some people think that the introduction offoreign banks are putting are putting negative impression in terms of increasein inflation and etc. the correlation and regression analysis have also showsalmost 80% positive response and agree with this statement. the graphicalpresentation is also shows that how much people are agree with this statement”the greater  the practices  foreign banks in Pakistanthe greater the change in Pakistan’sbanking culture”