Patch Canvas Model, in my opinion was the

Patch one – Business model canvas


Patch one was the initial creation and
research and development into the ideas of the hotel. This required each person
to identify their strengths and weaknesses in creating the hotel. As a result,
this lead to each person ascertaining their role within the company. My role
was the project manager and the co-manager for the finances of the business,
this meant I had to not only look at my own work but also to oversee the work
of the other members of my group.

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In this, we looked at methods of
researching what kind of hotels were in the vicinity of Birmingham and also
doing research on both the history and industry of hotels in Birmingham and the
UK. The Business Canvas Model, in my opinion was the initial way to debut the
ideas and plans we had for our hotel, but as a result of poor research and failure
to fully establish what was required of us, this lead to us creating a sub-par
Canvas Model.


However, this helped increase my
understanding into methods of research and how to reference my work, as well as
how to communicate efficiently with my team members, by identifying a platform
where we would be able to speak even when out of the classroom, and therefore
cover each other is one person was unable to make it to the lesson or time we
allocated to meet outside the classroom.


In this patch, I felt optimistic and
hopeful, that we would be able to learn from our mistakes and get to know each
other better in order to produce a better patch two and three.


Patch Two – Trade Fair


The trade fair, in my opinion was the best
patch we did by far. The trade pitch required us to be more creative and open
to communicating with members of the public about our hotel. This required us
to present a stall with the best aspects of our hotel and create a website and
social media platforms in order to be able to do business with clients and
potential customers.


In this patch, each member of the group
was allocated a specific section of the trade fair to cover, for example, I was
in charge of completing the website. After having learnt from our mistakes in
the first patch, I feel like we communicated a lot better during the third
patch and organized ourselves efficiently in order to complete a successful
trade fair.


The trade fair required us to look into
the methods of pricing and how we wanted to sell and market our hotel to both
potential clients and our chosen target market which was millennials (so people
within university and older).


From this I learnt how to not only
create an aesthetically pleasing hotel, but also how to speak to people within
a professional environment when trying to inform and sell a product to members
of the general public.


This patch, I personally felt was the
best of the three patches we completed, as everyone not only enjoyed
themselves, but we also worked well to make sure everyone had the required work
for the patch, although, however we still did need to go into more depth for
our finances and this was the main weakness I felt we held.



Patch Three – Trade Pitch


This was the date of the third and final
element of the group work in the module. During this, we were required to create
pitch in order to sell our hotel in the form of a dragon’s den style meeting.


At the beginning when set the task, my
group initially divided the tasks and allocated each task according to the
roles we had each picked.


As a result of each being allocated a
task, this resulted in everyone having to complete their work individually and
then send to one person after completing. However, some of the members were
reluctant and late in completing the work and this resulted in a back log of
information in order to complete the pitch before the presentation.


In this, I learnt that although
allocating work may be deemed to be faster than completing work as a group, if
the team isn’t willing to cooperate, this results in unnecessary and undue


I feel that the best method going
forward, would be to plan and identify the strengths and weaknesses of each
person before giving and allocating tasks


In my personal opinion, I felt like the
deadline were a little rushed, and the third patch was completed with haste,
compared to organizing time accordingly and practicing the presentation more
before presenting.


I feel like this is a personal goal for
the future and will want to make sure that I keep a log of the tasks at hand in
order to plan time accordingly.


During the presentation, I felt
pressured in terms of the amount of work that was required to be completed due
to the lack of correspondence and cooperation of my group members. As a result,
I felt that the presentation did not run as smoothly as I would have liked it
to compared to if we had more practice.




Upon reflection, I felt that the module
went well, although having some major delays during the final pitch and a slow
start in the beginning. In future, I feel that I should take more time when
making decisions and to be more organized in order to do things within their
allocated time rather than being rushed. Although the cooperation of my group
may have been hindered at times, I felt a lot of pressure and stress when
things were not working, but more relief after being able to overcome the