Paying compared to emails. It takes ages to

Paying for prominence in search result listing: When a search is
run, organizations want to ensure that their sites are the first among all
other sites in the list. Some organizations are ready to pay to be one of the first rankings on the search list. The organization can buy ranking and guaranteed
the cost of about £1.83 per day.

Newsgroups and forums: There are a lot of different ways you can communicate through the internet. Newsgroups and forums are one of them. A newsgroup is a source of electronically
transmitted messages posted by the users
and managed by the USENET system. Usenet was established to create some
opportunities for general computer users to post and share information on the

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Newsgroups have a better structure that’s why they can survive longer than mail lists.

Newsgroups are easy to
find and it will make sure that it will turn into the relevant webpage

newsgroups have a frequently asked question section (FAC) which helps to track
where your message go or where you are
supposed to type in. even if you have a question, you can submit it in FAQ page
and you can get back your answer.


A newsgroup
is a very slow process compared to
emails. It takes ages to response.

are like Wikipedia – anybody can type in any information whether it is right or
wrong. It could be unnecessary or untrue. There is
no way you can do a background check.

Banners and pop-ups: organizations are using banners and pop-ups to
promote their organizations, products or services.

Pros: banners and pop-ups can have increased organization’s business. Pop-ups
can hijack the entire screen and users certainly get attention. With so many
different messages on, pop-ups can demand
users focus on to specific message.

Banners and
pop-ups literally cost nothing but have a
massive potential. Now pop-ups are designed to be less disturbing on user

Cons: pop-up could be sometimes very irritating. They blocked the content and
view while users have already started reading. They force users to take some
attention. As a result, they can give
users a bad reputation for their
products. This is the reason when you browse online
you would have an option to suppress pop-ups. This option called pop-up
blockers. The user needs to just click on the relevant checkbox to
the block pop-up option.

Spam: a spam is an unsolicited email
that you didn’t request or want to, but you received it from a variety of sources. Spam messages sent through
the internet, basically large numbers of
users, for the purposes of phishing, spreading malware or it could be for

Pros: if someone is
individually trying to advertise a product or campaigning about some
issues, he/she can do it through spam though this is not a right way to do
this. Compare to