Peace and war

There was roughly seventy two million people who were killed during World War two.

The war was felt worldwide in every country across the globe. It was almost impossible for someone to not be affected by that war. Things are different In today’s society. Nowadays when wars happen most people brush It off like nothing, Just another war. This was not the way that Macro Scalar saw things.

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He thought was war was a thing that should not be taken lightly no matter how small.Macro Scalar intended for Peace and War to be about society’s numbing to the tragedies in life to a mint where war is seen as nothing more than Just a job. Peace and War depicts a futuristic satire where war is seen as Just a Job. In the story it compares war to being nothing more than an average Job where you work 9-5. This is shown at the beginning when the main character says “I was late for the war; I had to take a taxi”(Scalar 138).

This shows how minor war is made out to be in this story. Tragedies happen all the time in life and Macro Slier had to live through many of them.He was born in 1937 which was only a couple years before World War 2. This means that he has lived through tragedies first hand and wouldn’t want anyone to take what they have for granted. He uses Peace and War to show people that war Is not something to be taken lightly and he has to first hand experience to know that.

This Is not the only time he has tried to prove this point In his writing. A lot of his writing is about segregation, the Nazis, the Jews. These were all things that played a large role in World War 2. This demonstrates how Slier thought that war was a very big deal.In Peace and War Scalar depicts a futuristic satire where war is seen as nothing ore than a Job. It is not seen as a bloody, violent horrible thing it is Just a Job. Scalar thinks that war is so much more than a Job but instead mocks how most of society treats war in today’s society.

He also uses the characters In the story to get his point across on how war’s are taken too lightly In today’s society. This is demonstrated when that mall character Is talking to another person “How was the war? The cheeky youth asked. ‘Fine, Just fine’ I replied” (Scalar, 140). This shows how the characters In the story don’t look at war as a very big deal at all.Another way that Scalar used Peace and War to show that society isn’t taking war serious enough is the society in the story.

In the story society streamlined all the negatives in life which ended up taking all the good ones and making them almost meaningless. This happens because without lows there cannot be highs. Scalar demonstrates this near the end of the story when the characters don’t get any Joy out of traveling except for the traveling itself. This is another reason Char thinks war should be taken more seriously. If war is something we don’t see as a negative then we would never feel the positives of not being in a war.Those are reasons that demonstrate Scalar uses Peace and War to show that war should not be taken lightly. Those are the ways that Peace and War shows that Scalar feels that people don’t take war serious enough.

Macro Slier intended for Peace and War to be about He uses the characters in the story and the society in the story to prove that point. Another way he shows this is relying on his past experiences. One of the past experiences he would rely on to show this point is the fact that he lived through World War 2. That means that he lived through more tragedies during that time than cost people would live through their entire lives.This would make him want to get people to see war for the tragedy that it is so that you can get through it to enjoy the high that follows its ending.

There are many ways that this short story could be interpreted but the facts would suggest that is the way Macro Slier intended for it to be interpreted.