Students will already now what lines are and the names of several colors. Students will already know what patterns are. In this lesson, the teacher will demonstrate drawing a few trees. Students will be seated at their desks in a whole class group facing the Soundboard. Term Definitions: Pattern – a repeated form or design 2.

Presentation of New Information or Modeling: The concept of combining the elements of line, space, and color to create a drawing with appropriate media of trees will be taught.Line – a continuous mark that is made on a surface Color – what the human eye sees, a name we give describe what we see (red, orange, allow, green, blue, & violet) Space – is the open area between or inside shapes Shading – the darkening or coloring of a picture The teacher will begin the lesson by introducing the new term definitions to the students. The teacher will display the new terms on the Soundboard. 3.

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Guided Practice: (10 minutes) The teacher explains what the students will be doing. Students will be drawing trees.The teacher shows the students the materials that will be used. The teacher shows the students how to draw the trees by demonstrating what to do. Teacher will display the variety of tree examples. Use white construction paper Look at example of pictures of trees to get ideas Draw two different trees (in center of paper) Draw trunk, branches, leaves Make sure the trees are tall enough, and spaced apart as to be visually appealing to the eye As you are drawing the trees, explain the process.

Check for student understanding.Possible questions by students: *Can I draw other things? No, we are Just drawing trees. *How many trees can I draw? As many as you want, but you have to finish today. I will give you a “heads up” five minute warning when time is almost up. *Can I draw only one tree? No, you have to draw at least 3 trees. 4. Independent Student Practice: (1 5 minutes) The teacher will call on groups of students to come and collect 1 piece of construction paper and a pencil. The students will return to their desks and begin working on drawing trees.

The teacher will walk around the room and check for student understanding and answer any questions. *Do we have to make the trees look real? Yes, your trees should look like real trees. 5. Culminating or Closing Procedure/Activity/Event: (10 minutes) When the given time is up, the teacher will collect the drawings from the students.

The students will return the materials. Once the students have returned the materials and returned back to their desks, the teacher will review the terms introduced in the lesson.The teacher will explain that in the next lesson the students will be learning how to draw clouds to add to our drawings. Pedagogical Strategy (or Strategies): Direct instruction: The teacher will present the instructions and new terms and demonstrate what is expected of the students from the lesson. Independent practice: The students will work independently to complete a drawing of at least 3 trees Differentiated Instruction: Physically disabled: Provide different templates of trees for students to trace. Details, which may include clouds, the sun and grass.

Student Assessment/Rubrics: Pre-assessment plans: The use of informal/summarize assessment will be used. Informal/summarize assessment: The teacher will observe and take notes as to any students that have mastered the concept of correctly applying the elements of line, space and color when given appropriate media. Formal/Formative Assessment: The teacher will use the finished product of the lesson to assess whether or not student has mastered the concept of correctly applying the elements of line, space and color when given appropriate media, with 90% accuracy, and recorded on a rubric.

Rubric Assessment: Students will correctly apply the elements of line, space and color to create a drawing of at least 3 trees when given appropriate media, with 90% accuracy. Student Name: Insufficient Satisfactory Exceeds 2 Total Followed directions Less than 3 trees 3 trees More than 3 trees Understands element of line Lines not connected Some lines not All lines of space More than 50% is white space Less than 40% of color Uses only 1 color Uses 2-3 colors Uses 4 or more colors