People meeting people as a kid, but for

experience many different things in their life that too often blame themselves
for their shortcomings, or their situations. C. Wright Mills understands that
solitary experience does not always occur in the process of a person choice,
which is why he wrote “The Promise of the Sociological Imagination.” In this he
address that sociological imagination helps a person understand that the
problems faced by an individual is not just the individuals fault, but the fault
of society.

            “Neither the life of an individual nor the
history of a society can be understood without understanding both (Mills 1959).”
C. Wright Mills teaches individuals to understand the meaning of sociological
imagination.  Sociological imagination is
understanding the relationship “between experience and the wider society
(Mills, 1959)”. By using this type of perspective a person can view their own
life by not boxing their personal situations into isolated corners. By looking at
soccer and college I am able to see the relationship Mills has stated.

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Playing soccer can be seen as a
way to maintain great health, like how a person takes vitamins to stay away
from sickness. Being from Brazil, soccer is also seen as a tradition, as almost
everyone I grew up with plays this sport. I can look at this in another
perspective and recall soccer as a great way to get to know others, sort of
like a social hour. It allows people from all over to know each other. I play
soccer because I enjoyed meeting people as a kid, but for others it could be
any of these reasons mentioned before or because of others. Thinking in this
perspective is sociological imagination. Another example would be college.

I had the choice to come to
America to study, but for some college is chosen for them. I got to choose any
place I wanted to go, but I had to pass the tests. For some their parents
choose their plan of study, and push them to go to highly ranked universities.

However, if a student fails because they were not ready for a school like,
Yale, their failure is not only on them but on the parents who pushed. In
addition, people want great jobs. To get a really good job back in Brazil I
would need to have an American Degree, regardless of the rate of the college.

This allows me to choose from any school, but I have people back home counting
on me to get a degree to help the family. With all of these reasons people
choose college, it is not necessarily a choice made alone, and by understanding
that brings in the sociological imagination.

            By looking at sociological imagination in my choices
of soccer and school, I am able to have a better understanding of why people
choose such things. It also gave me a better understanding as to why am I doing
it. My choices were not based on just my thoughts, but on the society around