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People always love to say, ” People who graduated tend to make more money in their lifetime than non-graduates.” Was it because they attended school, or just their innate desire to do anything to make themselves successful. More or less, I believe the world misses underlying the factor of cause and effect. Being educated is immensely different than learning. Learning alters our lives and the environment around us with grounded and applied knowledge. While, education just fills our minds with information. David Hume didn’t deny the existence of unbreakable ‘ natural law,’ “but he held that because we are not in a position to experience the natural laws themselves, we can easily come to the wrong conclusion.”( pg. 273) It’s the concept of schooling or more specifically secondary education that hinders an individual from reaching their full potential. For most people, the first 12 years of their lives after being five or four, their in school. These early years provide the basic foundation of knowledge and gives students tools to somewhat function in society. But that’s where it stops, the main issue here is that we are taught just the basics of math, science, reading, and many other curriculums. Instead of teaching us about life after school, which in part is a great determiner of success in life as college or if one even goes to college, we learn simple basic facts that can’t be used independently. Students are told to go college, that that’s how one is to become successful. Otherwise wise you’ll just end up with a shitty job. Due to the schooling systems inaccurate assumption of the success of its systems job in providing adequate tools for kids to grow up and succeed, many are ruined. They make a false conclusion, cause that system doesn’t always benefit everyone. Therefore I believe education shouldn’t be something forced upon individuals; at least after high school, but rather just advised. School should to telling people that it’s an option.  just like a multitude of things like blue collar trade jobs, pursuing the arts , music careers and etc. People can have a interest anything really and still be successful in life. Society bases everything  off of an individual success, and potential future through of simple letter grade and I don’t think that should be the case.