Personal Statement – Aiming for Happiness

If you were offered the opportunity to be a better person, would you take it? Well that opportunity is available daily, and only you can take action on it. My mom always says that education is the door to success. She makes me reflect on how she could’ve had a better life if only she had gotten the chance to study.

Many of us take that opportunity for granted, and that’s something I will never do. My mom’s my motivation and vivid example of what i need to do different, and what makes me long for success. There are people who play a huge role in your life. In my case, my mom is mine.

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Thanks to her I am daily motivated to come to school and try my best in all aspects. The fact of knowing I could give her and I satisfaction by trying is a splendid feeling. I’m thoroughly responsible at school when it comes to work, and determined to stay on top of my assignments and behavior.

I have a great role model when it comes to valuable characteristics, and I couldn’t be more grateful. I will be honest, sometimes I detest school and can be extremely lazy for everything, but in the back of my mind I know thats wrong and should change my ways. Even though I hate school at times it is clear to me that it’s a necessity if I want to get somewhere in life. Or at the very least have it easier on getting a job that will cover my family’s and my needs in a couple of years. Thinking that immediately makes me have a better vision on things. In my opinion, family is the most important thing in life.

For many of us, they’re the people we find love and comfort in. Nothing would make me happier than to achieve success for them. To be able to take care of my mom financially in the future would be the total best. I owe her my life for being the greatest she could possibly be with me. Due to so, I can’t andwill not stop at any less until I get to the final stage where my family and I will be extremely proud of my accomplishments.

I am completely awa…