Personal Statement – My Dreams

Coming from a family of educators and nurses, I knew that college was a must for me.

I knew that applying for college was one of my main goals, but it wasn’t until I was 10 years old that I realized that I would use my education to become involved in something life changing. Ultimately it was the influence of my aunt Michelle, my aunt Dorlah, and Grey’s Anatomy (a television show on ABC7) that convinced me I was needed in the medical field. You see my aunt Michelle was very sick from when I was a little girl.

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I watched her deteriorate until finally she died last June. I helped take care of my aunt Michelle every day until her death. This made me realize that helping people get well was my destiny. I remember when Grey’s Anatomy first started and all the new residents were taking a tour of the hospital on their first day and the Chief told them that “once you enter this Hospital; this job will either make you or break you.” Being so young I never knew what this meant but after I watched the first episode I just had to find out what this meant; especially to me. Growing up in a Catholic household and knowing that my grandmother was a teacher for 48 years, I knew that I had to take school very seriously.

Starting kindergarten I was very happy to go because I knew this is where my journey would start. Since I was in kindergarten I thought that the rest of my elementary, middle and high school experience would all be the same, but then reality began to take its course in my life. When second grade was approaching my grandmother told me that I was going into a Catholic school.

At that time I did not know what that meant, but I knew that I was going to know sooner than later. When I first got I saw how rigorous the school work was and I knew that in order for me to succeed I needed to put my mind intomy school work and do my best. On my first day everyone was Uniform and I knew that it was going to be a good place for me to le..