Personal Statement – Who I Am

I doubt a thousand words can tell you much of a person, rather I doubt it can tell you anything. However I have chose to accept the challenge of cramming the person I am in a thousand words or less. I’m not the best student out there and I never really have been. I would constantly have ups and downs in my GPA.

Dealing with depression I could hardly focus and often resorted to self-harm. Times were tough for me but later I learned to deal with it by drawing. Art became an inspiration to me, an outlet to overcome all my problems. Time and time I would pour out all my feelings onto a piece of paper with stokes of pencils curving in all directions. My thoughts on paper opened my mind and expanded my knowledge. I often looked from the outside in on the world looking around me rather than looking at myself. I saw people be kind to one another but more often so I saw cruelty amongst each other. I saw how words of hate had become such a thing of play that they had become words of endearment.

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I saw how people talked behind each other’s back but somehow were so called “friends” when around the person. I lost sight of the world for a very long time and I developed a hatred for the world that I never really confronted to others rather into my drawings. But after the development of so many drawings I saw all the beauty in the chaos that was. I sought to help the world, to make it better.

I often volunteered at an elderly home in front of my school. I would talk to so many people there, I would be there to hear their stories all their struggles. Each and every one of them inspired me to become a better person because though the world was slowly falling apart they had found hope in something more believing it would get better. It inspired me to look at the world through different eyes.

I heard all of their heartaches and saw how they still managed to smile and that gave me hope for a better life. I still volunteer whenever I have an opportuni…