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safvan panangadan


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4, 2017


















       Lubna sheikh


             Asmi safvan panangadan


Date:   04/12/2017

Subject: Blood Donation Camp
and an Awareness Program 

Respected Teachers and students,  

                              I am Asmi safvan
panangadan a student at ABC college, would like to let you know about blood
donation camp going to held on college on 20th December 2017 with the
help of Health club in our college. Saving life through blood donating is a
great thing.

                          As we all know that
donating blood to other people often save their life, even a small amount of
blood can save a person’s life. Blood is considered as valuable gift under
certain condition. Our main aim is to make unpaid blood donation as a part of the
culture of our society, as a result our future generation will not get suffered
due to the lack of blood donors. People those who donate blood without asking
for any reward should appreciated by the Health club authorities.

Members of World Health
Organisation (WHO) promote the habit of blood donation in many countries, as a
result nowadays people are willing to donate their blood for those who are in
need. Another important motive of the blood donation camp is to provide
required blood for blood cancer patients, because number of blood cancer
patients and all other diseases related to blood, moreover we are planning to
conduct an awareness program related to blood donation and its importance as
well. In past, people are afraid of donating their blood, due to some
misconception and they are very much scared about their life after donating
blood. This is the one of the significance reason for conducting awareness
program and they will get a clear idea about the blood donation. people should
aware about the importance of blood donation, besides they should realize that
every healthy individual should be ready to donate their blood. Most cases we
are waiting for disaster to near and we urge for help to outsiders, hence to
overcome this kind of situation in our life, we should take precautions and this
blood donation camp and awareness program is one of the precaution, going to
done by our college and health club. So, I really do believe that this program
will be a great success and it will notice as milestone in the field of blood


Thank you

Asmi safvan panangadan

ABC college










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