Persuasive Speech – Zumba

Persuasive Speech on Health

Are you stuck on the roundabout of fitness? Hit a pothole? Stuck in a traffic jam? The target market for our ad is and they’re desperate to get on the road to fitness again. Our ad is going to get them there. After extensive market research, via specific focus groups, we believe our ad is most appropriate for men and women in their early thirties to late forties. All have the same goal-to keep fit and lose weight in a relatively easy, non- expensive approach. We tested the ad on a focus group and each responded positively to the ad, indicating they would be ready to spend around $100 on a product like Zumba.

They enjoyed the ad because it showed them a new fitness method that was easy to use and a lot cheaper than other ways of keeping for fit, for example; a gym membership. We have chosen to advertise in “Women’s Weekly Magazine”, “Marie Claire”, “Weight Watchers” magazines and various men’s fitness magazines. Our research illustrates that our target market are most absorbed in these magazines. It is proven that 75% of the ads advertised in these magazines are successful in appealing to the demographic audience.

Circulation of this ad will be occur in summer time when during the party and beach season, so consumers are enticed to purchase the product so they can acquire the picture-perfect beach body throughout summer. In our ad layout it displays a half body image of a women’s tanned and toned stomach and her breasts in a sports bra. The body copy is placed at the bottom of the ad so once the readers are finished looking at the top part of the ad which gains their attention, they will then read the body copy. The Zumba symbol is then placed at the top right hand corner so when turning the page the reader will remember the ad/product.

The small pictures of the different types of Zumba workouts are placed to the right of the body copy so the audience can see the numerous types of Zumba before reading the persuasive body copy. The red sports bra shows masculinity, strength and excitement trying to make the consumer feel Zumba will make them tough and convince training will be more exciting. Everybody needs to feel like they are in power and are strong; this colour reminds the target audience that they can regain this strength they may have lost.

The yellow of her mini shorts shows cheerfulness and represents summer heat. This colour will make the consumer feel that Zumba will make them feel blissful; the heat represents sweat which you achieve during a hard workout. We want the audience to be reminded of the summer days when they could just relax and be happy in the summer heat, this colour will be very appealing to the working women or man who doesn’t have enough time in their busy working lives to enjoy this treat anymore. The appeal in this ad is the bandwagon appeal.

We are aiming to persuade the consumer to buy our product because everyone else is. We want people to see this ad and feel happy, that in buying this product they feel they are accomplishing something good for them, that they’re making a healthy lifestyle choice. In the body copy at the bottom of the page it reads, “Join the fitness craze that’s taking the world by storm! Drop the bulky gym machines. Forget about the expensive gym membership. Join the fun! Zumba is the new, exciting and easy way to get fit. Lose 700 calories in one dance workout! It’s fun, easy and affordable. It’s Zumba!

Call now and receive a FREE ‘Natasha’s Zumba Routines’ with every Zumba pack bought! ” This is then followed by the phone number and the Zumba website. This body copy is very effective as it is straight to the point and tells the reader exactly what they want to know. The exploding sentence structure puts emphasis on the sentences that we want to have appeal more to the audience. This ad is great because it is estimated to boost sales by 45% in the circulation period. With the ad design being so appealing to the demographic audience, it builds a personality of to a certain extent.