Phase Individual Project

Immigration in the twentieth century was very important because there were some many people coming over from deferent countries.

This was defined as the Progressive Era and African American were not the only ones facing discrimination but those coming from other countries. (peg. 189) America was the land was there were promises of better life for everywhere across the globe. Immigrants by the end of century made up more than thirty percent of population in the major states in America at the time. (peg. 190).The new immigrants of the nineteenth hundreds which was the eastern and southern Europeans. There were the Italians, Greeks, Russian, Polish Jews who came to America for coal mines, steel mills, and labor contracts.

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One place that immigrants had to come through in order to get into the America was Ellis Island. Immigrants were able to see a view of statue of liberty which was near Manhattan. It Is at the port of New York and more than twenty million people entered during this period of history. There the process that the immigrants had to go through would take anywhere from three to four hours before they were let go.They would go through a physical examination to check for diseases or disabilities and questioned thoroughly. “Have you money, relatives or a Job in the United States? Are you a polygamist? An anarchist? ” (Demonstrability’s.

Com, 2000) Ellis Island was a turning point for many Immigrants who would either pass the Interrogation or be sent back home to their native land. New Immigrants had to deal with prejudice. Many Americans were threatened by these individuals due to the fact that they spoke a different language. Those Europeans brought over a different way of living and culture.Over time, they began to develop their own religious communities. In return, natives came about trying to end immigration. Soon there would laws that were passed to try to limit the amount of immigrants that are allowed here.

Chinese Immigration was already strict since the Chinese Exclusion Act which lasted until 1943. In 1941, the government passed a bill which did not allow more than $350,000 wanted to limit the amount of immigration of aliens. The literacy test was administered to all aliens who were 16 years of age or older to determine if they could read in any language. (History. State. Gob, n.

D.The Congress only wanted to give visas to only two percent of the immigrants who made up the population. Later, this led to the Immigration Act of 1965 and this changed the face of immigration. It was President Lyndon Johnson who made it possible for immigrants to enter the United States. The great thing about this act was that the individuals were not Judge on race but on their skills. (Love-Andrews, 2003). This followed the Civil Rights Movement which expressed the stop of discrimination. It was not in place to get rid of discrimination but it stopped it prevent thousands of immigrants from being turned way.

This Act is so important to history the act in 1924 was trying to prevent immigrants from entering the American and in 1965 is there to promote it. Personally, the debate surrounding undocumented workers and illegal aliens makes up a big percentage of our population. I was reading in Ebony magazine about an illegal immigrant who has been trying to become a citizen for the longest. She had been over here in the country for over twenty years and cannot find a Job.

I must agree with when she wants more aliens to stand up and band together.I don’t have NY immigrants in my family but I feel that it’s not fair when they help make up our economy. They should be able to get citizen and it shouldn’t take too long and be hard. It feels like when are going back in history instead creating a new future. I think that it should be called the “Journey to becoming a American”. That is what it is a journey because it doesn’t feel like a pathway.