Phenomenon of Mean Grils

The Phenomenon of Mean girls Will violence out of revenge and jealousy ever end between women? This subject caught my eye when I read an article for Toni Morrison, addressing a group of female college students about violence women do to each other in Bernard College and how alarming it is.

In the movie Mean Girls, we tend to overlook the competitive violence that, in my opinion, goes to extremes by the two high school female characters, Caddy ND Regina, In competing to be beautiful and popular for the sake of winning a guy’s heart.In this movie, the two characters are Introduced to the audience as Morrison stated, “they are beautiful, elegant, women of status, and clearly women of power”, but we see the ugliness inside from both their actions and sayings. This paper will discuss the “girl on girl crime” as in the hurtful things Caddy and Regina do to each other, and the conflicts these two characters have with each other to get what they want (Mean Girls). I will prove Morrison idea about competitive and emotional violence between the two mall characters Caddy and Regina by lying and bad mouthing each other.Caddy, a sixteen year old teenage girl that has been home schooled her entire life, in Africa is forced to move into a public high school and encounters new different situations with good and bad people that make her become a cruel mean popular “plastic” which is said about the girls who are mean, beautiful and popular, that go all the way and compete violently to get what they want. Regina s the mean queen of the “plastics” who acts as Cad’s friend to humiliate her out of Jealousy and for competition when she sees that Caddy Is close to taking her spot In the “plastics” and stealing her ex;boyfriend (Mean Girls).

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As Morrison claims in her article, “Since you will have the power to do it, you may also be persuaded that you have the right to do it. ” In this movie, the director Mark Waters shows us the power of popularity and self insecurities in these women that Morrison also approves of. Regina attempts to humiliate her ‘friend’ Caddy by publishing a book called “the burn kook”, In which she herself had written bad things and lies about Innocent people next to their pictures In her high school and even the teachers and herself.So It appears to show everyone that Caddy did it and that Regina is the innocent one who was hurt like all the others. This backs up Morrison statement about women with higher power and that they lie and go beyond limits to get what they want from the jealousy between the two women. Another scene that also proves that women are violent with each other is when Caddy lies to Regina about a chocolate bar that her mom used to give African children to help them gain weight.Caddy tells Regina that this chocolate bar burns carbohydrates and helps In losing weight. Regina believes Caddy and eats nothing except those bars and starts gaining a lot of weight.

This in turn ruins her friendship with her other two best friends who soon start treating Caddy as the popular beautiful queen of the whole school which was Region’s role. Caddy does this for revenge on Regina for bad mouthing her to her ex-boyfriend and taking NV Dock Just rater cay tells near Tanat seen Is Interested In ml.In my pollen, he violent actions Caddy and Regina do to each other in this movie send a wrong idea to the audience and especially teenage girls who learn that beauty and popularity always comes with competition, bad mouthing and lying. I agree with Morrison, that their insecurities do make the Moline done by women to women is as alarming”, and “worse than that done by men”. The two characters literally plan and act to hurt each other and compete violently for popularity.

It’s natural of friends to say mean things from time to time but not be violent and harm them out of Jealousy.