Photograph of My Self-Esteem

There was a photograph taken of me when I lived in my first apartment. I was sitting on my knees; the floor was covered by a light brown colored carpet.

I was wearing a red work shirt. I worked at Wetzel Pretzel at Bridgeport Mall during the time. I had my hair pulled back in to a bun, and I can see I changed my natural hair tone to a lighter tone, it looked of an orange-blonde color. I was wearing white socks and dark blue jeans. I was sitting next to the television console, the walls behind we were bare white. I was with my prima, the term prima represents the word cousin in Spanish.

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We were living together at the time and we had recently moved into the apartment. I have very little money during this period, and had yet to purchase any seating areas, so we sat on the floor with pillows. My prima decided to take a picture of me on a day when I had returned home from work. I had started to set up a movie for the two of use on the DVD player. She shot the photo of me on her digital camera. I was grinning from ear to ear. My life looked so simple at the time.

I am looking forward to feeling and looking like I did, before I got pregnant.I thought this was a great photo to choose, because It shows how I used to look before being pregnant and gaining the extra weight. As I look back, during the time, I looked very petite. I was sitting down with my hand placed together on my lap, I was in a yoga position called, the Hero Pose. I looked very peaceful and happy. This photo was an honest depiction of me at the time. It also brings back memories of my old job.

I have a baby girl who is currently a year and a half old, recently, my husband and I found out that we are going to be blessed with a baby boy. I decided to have one child right after the other, but by doing so, I have never been more over weight in my life. The weight that I’ve gained has put a significant amount of stress on my body. During my first pregnancy, I got dark colored str…