Physical Exercise and Pilates

Pilates is a form of exercise which focuses primarily on improving flexibility, strength and overall body awareness. Pilates consists of a series of controlled movements that can be performed on either the floor with a mat, or specially designed spring-resistant equipment which is all supervised by a trained Pilate’s instructor. The exercises of Pilate’s focus on strengthening ones core while continuously breathing deeply.

Created in the 1920’s by a physical trainer, Joseph Pilates, with the primary purpose of the exercise focused solely on rehabilitation. Pilates first used this form of exercise to treat soldiers who were returning from war. He also was known to treat dancers with Pilates to help strengthen their bodies as well as help heal various aches and pains. Joseph Pilates was a true believer that metal health and physical health were inter-related which formed the basis of his creation of Pilates.

As a dancer of eighteen years and long time athlete, I suffer from many aches and pains. I first thought of joining the class as a way to become introduced to the form of exercise. I first questioned the class as I suffer from back problems which I am currently treated for, however; on the first day of class when our Professor explained the concepts behind the class I realized that by strengthening my core, I could possibly experience less aches and pains in my lower back.

I am very excited for this class as I believe it will help me and I hope that after this semester I can continue classes back home. Not only does this class help me strengthen my core but it also helps in switching up my usual workout routine which consists primarily of running. I feel that this class will also help me in being less stressed with school work especially during finals and midterms. The benefits that this class will provide me with will not only help with my physical health but also help with my mental health.

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