Physical Fitness

As I walked through the doors of the small yet strangely familiar gym of Ridgeview Middle School, thoughts rushed back and forth through my mind. They were simple thoughts, though each of them turned into questions. I had signed up through Fulton Virtual Schools, and since this was the first time that they were opening the Physical Fitness program to us, I couldn’t help but feel slightly anxious.

I had already experienced some difficulties, as the confirmation email that was needed wasn’t present until two days before we (my mother and I ) received a phone call from my soon to be instructor, Clifton Spears, who said that I was to report at Ridgeview Middle School at 9:00 in the morning. Although I was instantaneously joyous (as seen by myself almost falling down the stairs as I flew down them), I had negative thoughts about how early I was going to have to wake up. As an effect to that, I ended up groaning. Wrong time for that.

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As I was showing my mother the voicemail, she was giving me the usual, our 30 minute lectures which eventually drew out to maybe one or two hours tops. Again, wrong time for groaning. She took that the wrong way and made a dramatic switch to the phase in which she called “constructive criticism”, which was just a euphemism for her yelling. While she spent all her (and not to mention my) valuable time, I was frantically trying to explain what I actually was groaning about. She eventually understood, but like every good mother, she didn’t apologize. Ahh, those were the good times.

I was given the equipment that I would need to record my heart rate and that it would need to be within the target heart rate zone. Then I would have to upload onto the website and then my heart rate would be sent to the instructor. Along the way I slowly learned how to use the equipment, since it was new and a little confusing. Along the way I learned other things like what the Overload principle was, and how to use the FIT (Frequency, Intensity, Time) principle. I used the FIT principle to improve my exercise and also the help increase my heart rate so that I would reach my targeted heart rate.

I also learned about the specificity and progression principle and how it would help with my exercise and also with my lifestyle. I also learned different types of areas of physical fitness. They were as follow: Cardiovascular Fitness, Flexibility, and Body Composition. I also learned about Muscular Strength and endurance and many other things about muscles. Throughout the course, I started to make some goals for my physical health. All of them were based on my previous record on my FITNESSGRAM Pre-Test Results.

I realized that I needed to work on my upper body strength, so I thought to myself that I would need to do more pushups and keep the number of curl ups the same, since my abdominal area was just right. So I decided to make a plan that would not only help me now, but also for the rest of my life. It really helped me and made my body more physically fit and not to mention, improved the components of physical fitness. The plan not only made me have more upper body strength, but it also improved my chances for not getting conditions that I would get if I hadn’t exercised at all.

My expectations were naturally high, but that would all change soon. As soon as everything was going well, I injured myself, which handicapped me from committing to my healthy plan. I ended up lowering y expectations a lot, to the point that I would reach my heart rate one, because I couldn’t exercise vigorously. This was shown through the low heart rates throughout the end of the course. Soon it will be time to take the FITNESSGRAM Post-Test Results, and thought I have healed, I cannot feel a little worried about the results. Although there is one thing that I am curious about, what are the FITNESSGRAM MID-TEST?