Physician Assistants

During that time you were either going to college or being drafted y the Arm Forces. So, most of the personnel attempting to enter the program were those whom just graduated high school and according to Dry. Sneed “a person with a high school education, a reasonable rate of learning and a tolerance of the in avoidably irrational demands often made by sick people can learn to do well those things a doctor does each day.

” (Teller, 2005, p. 1).Because of this the Army Medic/ Nurse, Navy Corpsmen and Air Force Flight Medics/Nurses were allowed to volunteer to enter into the program. The program director felt that this was a great idea since Hess personnel had already completed a lot of required medical training that was needed and can concentrate more on the didactic portion of the class rather the clinical portion the course. The director believed that the military trains Its personnel to be telephoned and have the ability to communicate clearly according to the (Journal of Physician Assistant Education, 2007, p. ). Eugene Stead Jar, wanted the two year program to be successful because, Physician Assistants must have the exchange between the patients, patients’ families, physicians, professional associates, and all other personnel that work in the health care system.

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Physician Assistants’ are expected to able to adapt to all communication styles, both verbal non-verbal, and written exchanges of information . Not everyone communicates in the same way and not everyone responds to what you are saying in the same way.For instance, school age children between ages of six and twelve have the mental capacity to understand why they need medicine or treatment and to take some responsibility for their health.

If a child has asthma, for example, he or she will be able to understand why he needs his inhaler to breathe. It helps to engage the child in the treatment plan so he or she is inspired to get well. In addition, school-age children can take more responsibility as they are now able to understand intellectually what’s happening with their bodies.

It is for reasons like this that the program is designed the way it is, in that most of your time is spent developing your communication skills in a clinical environment. It is also important to have your classroom time for the didactic portion of the class but, the hands on and patient contact is the most important aspect of the class. It is during this time period you develop your communication skills, so when it is time for you to begin your practice o have better understanding about why communication is the key to health care success.During the care of a patient not all the communication of the care Just occurs with the patient. Physician Assistants have responsibility to keep all parties involved all times and up to date within the patients’ best interest of course as well as confidentiality. When the treatment begins no matter how big or small the issue is the Physician Assistant has the patients’ life in their hands. When something happens to go wrong with the patients’ treatment then the Physician Assistants’ must be able to inform the nurses what he or she wants them to do.

If communication is misunderstood from the Physician Assistant then the patient receives the wrong kind of treatment and possibly the patient could parish in the worst case scenario. Now, it is for these reasons that the health care system has developed the “Six Rights” Ronald of Physician Assistants Education, 2007, p. L) to treatment in which the Physician Assistant communicates the all information to the nurses and the nurses’ communicate the same information to the patient. The “Six Rights”urinal of Physician Assistants Education, 2007, p.

L) are the right patient, drug, dose, time, route ND documentation.Documentation is the most important because, if it was not written down then it did not happen. “The role of physician assistants is to become the right hand of the physicians they work with,” said Katherine J. Adamson, MA, PA- G, and a certified PA for more than 30 years. “The relationship is very collegial, and it is from a team perspective that the physicians are comfortable entrusting their patients’ well-being to their PA colleagues.

” (Physician Executive July/August 2013). So with the everlasting issue of the Health Care System in the United States, the MedicalProfession needs more Physician Assistants whom understand that this is a profession and the American people deserve to be treated so. Communication is always a two way street and the more Physician Assistants the Health Care System future Physician Assistants must have the ability to develop their own communication skills and have the ability to communicate those orders to their staff.

It is because of this, Physician Assistants’ will have the skills that result in effective information exchange between the patients, patients’ families, physicians, professional associates, and all other personnel that work in the health care system.Patients deserve the right to receive the proper treatment no matter what and communication during that care is the key to success.