The Marvelous Lynx The agile feline of snow; rainbow. The beautiful Lynx, a.. Wonder of the world; Like the Great Sphinx. An astounding creature, indeed it is; the variety of its species… Adds to the amazing beauty of the remarkable lynx. An opportunistic predator, I would hide, if its prey I were. Sly as a fox and clever as a witch, this brave feline Is as sneaky as a snitch. A solitary animal, alone It hunts; graceful as the arch of a an extraordinary creature with courage at its front. An expert at climbing trees and swift when it swims, even when the light is dim and the water is full at Its brim.

Devastating as it may be, This brilliant creature nears the end of its species. To protect the lynx is what we must try; or wish the lynx a heart-breaking goodbye. A Sweet Memory Remembering the solitary days of my life, back when I was a lonely child: I stumble upon a sweet memoryћ. Of me and a lovely pet Guiana. That afternoon, from the playground, Crying bitterly and sobbing, when at her home I came; Sat on the doorstep and examined my wound… As a pet Guiana rolled out to peak view. I had cried and cried, as tears fell from my eyes… Hoping for someone to treat those wounds of mine. The sweet Guiana pig couldn’t see me in pain,

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