Poetry falls under the genre of literature art. It is the study of the nature of arts in a more musical way. The literal meaning of poetry is ‘to create’ thus poetry is created in way which lies under the philosophy of art and which is rhythmic. It was generated very far back in our history. Back then it was attached with music and dance, thus it is like a written verse about a significant incident. Poets are the people who create poetries; these poets are creating poetry on any major incident in their lives such as birth, death, happiness, natural disasters, battles, marriages, love life, childhood, nature of God, etc.

The best part of this genre is that it can be written in many forms. It is like a game where anyone can write in their own way, they can twist words, choosing the appropriate words, arranging them and making a good musical poetry. The genre is subjected as an expression of thought. It has many types which are deep and widely used in English literature. The types of poetry found are: Acrostic, Ballad, blank verse, Burlesque, Cinquain, didactic poetry, Epic, Epigram, Free verse, Ode, Sonnet, Couplet, etc.

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All these are types of poetry found in literature and people who are learning this subject found this wide range very feasible.

Poems are the best form of poetries taught in schools throughout the world. The artistic nature of poems attracts students towards the subject. This subject is opted by many students as there career because at school level it has been given much importance. It gives a voice to a person, a voice where a person can say anything he wants to express in words which are clearly arranged with a touch of music. It is important because it is the way of telling things which you can’t say out loud by yourself. Poetry as a whole removes all misunderstandings and ambiguity. Poetry is real thus stories which are in the form of verses or poems belong to real people

Poetry is widely taught in educational institutions because it creates the awareness of language. It increases a student’s literature knowledge through researches and broad thinking. To expand the oral and writing skills of a student’s, this genre of art is being taught in middle and high school since years. The main objective behind teaching this object is to increase the bank of vocabulary student posses. With the knowledge of the subject at hand, students can grab the true meaning of art.

Poetry enhances the critical thinking of a student. With it, students can learn how to imagine things, how to use creative metaphor. Moreover it proves to give an essence to life. As this genre is related to music, many students also enjoy it. On the contrary the study of this subject creates enthusiasm and creativity among students where they are working on poetries and having fun all along. In academics poetry is taught in groups thus people are trained to work in a form of community.

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