Poetry in motion speach

My first image is of a street protest with the banner ‘We can’t drink money’ and refers to the poetic line, ‘so much so that I am now nothing but bones’. The reason have chosen this image is to show that coal seam gas production may pollute the water that we drink. The man in the poem, Mr.. Dollar, is also affected by the decisions made by wealthy people, including the franking companies that exploit their workers and the country in general. The ‘bones’ is a metaphor for loss of health and self-esteem associated with the scramble for money and, in terms of the franking companies, the exploitation of the earth’s resources.

Franking is a process where chemicals and water are pumped into the earth causing cracks through which natural gas can escape and be harnessed for energy. The second image, of the fistful of dollars, is associated with the line of poetry, ‘He is more powerful than the government’. This image have chosen is a telling reminder of the power of the almighty dollar and its power to persuade. The personification of the dollar in ‘he’ puts the power of money above that of prime ministers, who should represent the highest power in the country.

In terms of coal seam gas production, the Lars represent the corruption within governments who are prepared to risk the lives and environments of its citizens. The third image is to represent the line of poetry, ‘he opens their mouths and they speak with authority. I chose this image to portray the irony of their ‘authority, in that they are merely puppets of a higher order, the wealthy. This is similar to the experience of spokespeople for franking companies whose voices are muted. The metaphor, ‘he opens their mouths’ they must tell lies in order to survive. Their ‘authority’ another metaphor is nil.

The fourth image, representing the Ruth and consequences of franking, was chosen to represent the line ‘He sweetens their tongues’. This image shows that when people drink the water and they breathe in the polluted air they may get diseases or deformities. The polluted earth in the image is also destroying animals, people and plant habitats. A different perspective is shown in the fifth image of the Greens party symbol. This illustrates the opposition to the franking companies by earth friendly political parties. The final image is a representation of the power ‘Mr.. Dollar’ has over determining where franking will occur.

Although it seems communities have a voice in reference to their concerns for family community and environment, the choice remains that of the multi-billion corporations. Depicted in the poem as ‘But he is stronger than me’. Predictably the choice falls into the hands of these wealthy, strong, powerful corporations because they are holding all of the cards (money). In conclusion the poem reflects on the experiences and challenges faced daily by communities, which have been affected by greed and corruption from corporations and other powerful public figures we are asked to trust.