Police death, on Aug. 13 of this year,

Police brutality is especially not a new topic in the us, however with the recent shootings of African American by law enforcement officials all over the united states has turned it into a hot subject matter lately.For example with one of the recent shootings that had just happened, police and law enforcement officials have killed a total of at least 223 black Americans since Kaepernick first began to protest. “Over the period of the following  twelve months, numerous NFL players had joined Kaepernick, police throughout the united states killed at least 222 other black americans ? culminating with the death, on Aug.

13 of this year, of Patrick Harmon, a 50-year-old black man shot and killed by police in Salt Lake city.” As said in an article written by Travis Waldron on huffpost. This also exemplifies the events that’s also took place in Charlotte, Baton Rouge, Ferguson, and Baltimore. Many protests and riots had arose due to the fact that cases like these of law enforcement officials not being indicted for killing unarmed young black men, thus eventually describing these civil rights movements as the hashtag #BlackLivesMatter. Civil rights movements are not new to America, while this movement comes at a time when the Americans and America sees itself as a “colourblind” society.This meaning that the overall populace of people residing in America believe that they’re now not racist and they don’t take into consideration the colour of someone’s skin.

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The colourblind ideology in the United States considers everyone to be non racial, in this widespread in the post-Civil Rights generation. America has reached a point of ignorance in not realizing the social barriers between those of the African American decent (who are all seen as criminals because of the colour of their skin) to those of caucasian decent, instead of ignoring the problem all Americans should come together to fix the issue of racial discrimination and until this is done civil rights movements such as “Black lives matter” are needed in America.