Political Involvement Report

?Political Involvement ReportFEDERALQuestion 1: Outline one issue affecting your group in relation to the federal governmentUnemploymentUnemployment affects everyone, as everyone needs a stable job and a steady income to either support themselves, or support their families.

The simple way to combat this problem would be for everyone to go out and find a job, but it is not as easy as it sounds. Many people who are unemployed are too lazy to go out and find jobs, or many have been rejected from too many jobs and have given up. The simple matter is that all community groups are affected by unemployment, however if the government tries to help, they have to transfer funds and people from other sectors, meaning the other sectors will be underfunded and understaffed. Unemployment can also have severe psychological effects on those unemployed, such as depression or anxiety, and suffer from sleep disorders.

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Young FamiliesYoung families are affected by unemployment, because the amount of money the parents earn determine the quality of life for their children. If one child in the family is under school age, then that family is defined as a young family. The parents need a steady income flow, as they need to support their child, as well as saving up for future investments such as buying a house or car.

If the parents are unemployed, this may lead to borrowing money from the bank, and with high interest rates, it will be incredibly hard to pay back the loan, as well as trying to move forward in life. However, if both parents are working, they must pay childcare fees, which can be an exorbitant amount, so it is sometimes the better option for one parent to stay home and care for the child, but if the other parent becomes unemployed, their lives will become incredibly tough and they will have to adapt incredibly fast to the situation.ExampleA government report written by Robyn Hartley discusses the impacts of unemployment on young people.