Politically Incorrect Politics

We live in an era where the simple term, “politically correct/incorrect”, is a major subject of controversy. We have blown the meaning of this term up over the years, to the point where it has actually created a major effect on our society. Maybe it seems like a small issue to some, but going deeper into the subject of political correctness will reveal major impacts that are both negative and beneficial to our society.

To some, the idea that being politically correct has an influence on someone’s actions is outrageous. It’s simple judgment from other people about how you are acting, why should you let that dictate what you do? Well, in some cases being called out for being politically incorrect can tap into a person’s ethics and morals and actually straighten out their future actions for the better (1). Lately people have been discussing the presidential race between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, mostly due to all of the politically incorrect nonsense they broadcast to our whole country. “Donald J. Trump is calling for a total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States,” explained the presidential candidate about himself, literally in the third person (4). When offensive comments like these are made in such an unprofessional manner, it allows people to harshly judge the content in front of others, and ultimately demonstrates to society what is causing disruption to civilization. The same idea goes when it comes to people using the word “retard”. Originally, this term was used as a medical definition for the mentally disabled, but in modern times it has become slang in conversation for someone who is dumb or did something dumb.

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When people use this word while speaking, others who get offended by these comments will usually call them out and belittle them for it. This does not go unnoticed by spectators of situations like this; people have picked up on this word being politically incorrect over the ..