Position paper

We think that our Government should also look at the negative outcomes or result of it. They should think that there are families who don’t have the capability to send their children to school. Yes, they might say that that’s why they established Public Schools, but is it enough? All expenses of being a student are not provided by the Government.

We are not against public schools, but we should also face the reality hat there Is a better quality of education In private schools. In some public schools, Children find It hard to study because of lack of materials needed for their studies, plus some classrooms are not conductive for learning. That’s why some parents had no choice but to send their children in private schools. Parents were wary of the program because it would mean two additional years of paying for their child’s tuition.

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There are some students who can’t even afford the fare for their means of transportation. How about those poor families? How about the hard-working parents that will do anything Just for their children’s education? Parents every day Is growing old, becoming weak to work for their children’s education for it is the key to success according to many known personalities worldwide. They deserve a rest, but now how? Because of this bill, they need to work longer even if they are too old.

And also, because of this there is a possibility that the dropout rate will increase, even Senator Cetacean thinks the same he said once in a statement: “Currently, 36 percent [of dents] drop out after elementary and only 44 percent graduate high school,” The Government of the Philippines might think that this k- 1 2 bill Is one of the factors of America’s good economy. But not in the Philippines, they should pass this bill when our country already has a stable economy so that majority of people will have the capability to go with this kind of bill.

Because according to the 1987 Constitution of Philippines, Article XIV section 1: The State shall protect and promote the right of all citizens to quality education at all levels, and shall take appropriate steps to make such education accessible to all. For us, we think that the years of education are not the basis of having better workers for the next upcoming generations, One on One interview with people (unedited, their exact words are written) We interviewed some people and asked for their opinion regarding the K to 12 bill.

Our Question: What can you say about the K to 12 bill? Do you support it? An elderly grandma: This K to 12 system can help many students. When you are in a senior high school at least 2 years, you can have your Job. But if the purpose of this bill “K to 12” is it has a more knowledge especially in major subjects. They should make a law that different in K to 12. Because K to 12, once your child becomes 5 years old, he or she can study start from Kinder. Concerned Parent: I will not support this K to 12 although the purpose of this bill is to gain more knowledge in their studies.

But there is no difference if they make a bill that is to gain knowledge and but they should not add a year per level. Even though when the student becomes a senior high school student, they might be having their own Jobs. And also it is a new task for parent because they are the one who send their children to their respective school. And last, the government should think first what does the effect of it in the poor people. Gary Cubeb’s Uncle: This K to 12 is actually can help to many students because it is for their future baling raw eh. But my reaction is why they should add a year level per level.

Even the school is public or private, it is not helping to the student it because any families have a financial problem or even they were not so reach. The government did not think about the family that they were sacrificing to their children every day. Kind Bali sans mantas nag position Eng angular peed pa… But the government is not helping. Even though there is a scholar. The scholar is not enough for my children. So that why should they have to pass this bill if it is not helping to the poorest family. Rica (Gary Cubeb’s Neighbor): The purpose of K to 12 is to gain knowledge.

But it depends on how to learn a student. And it depends on how the teacher teaches the student very well. So don’t make a statement that other student… O nag bang student ay mania nag stroke.