Post campaign report

The decrease performance in the graph is due to the second campaign.

Probably the sage was not relevant enough or what the consumer is looking for. Key results During the campaign there were some keywords that had low clicks or didn’t have clicks at all. Keywords in the first campaign that that didn’t had clicks at all we remove them after the 3rd week. We observe that there were many keywords that had high quality and clicks but low quality score mainly because the landing page experience was below average. Also we did some changes related with the pre campaign report.We change the words and the words order used in the Ad words because we recognize there was deficient information about this in the web page the a word lane.

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We also Llano’s use In our Keynoters ten name AT ten company as we had established in the pre-campaign, because these keywords were not having clicks, due to the same problem of low awareness. We had distributed our budget of $250 among 3 campaigns, although we change the names of this campaigns we can infer the belong to 2 of them Breast Cancer and Brand Awareness.We had as an objective to increase market share but this aspect is difficult to measure because we don’t have a way of knowing how many people has called to the company to ask for information or for an appointment, neither how many clients had asked their insurance company about us.

We expected from the pre-campaign an average position between 1st and 3rd position because we new about the low competition in Cancer Clinics of the region. However we never expected to have a CTR of 2%, mainly because of the health system in Colombia.The campaign ended with significant success. We believe a stronger campaign with the right ad words and a improve web site will increase considerable brand awareness. Learning Component I The most difficult issues for students are how to translate the concept into action. We are surrounded with information but when is comes to applying the knowledge there is not formula.

COM gave us the opportunity to apply what before was Just concept into a reality, into a practical sense where every decision was made effectively in order to contribute to the success of our campaign.By this experience we have learned how to work in a team deciding what was better for the company and how it is align to the strategy that we establish in the beginning. The results might not be as expected sometimes but is up to us to take the courage to make decision that might hang the results. Ad words is a tool that is meant to promote business around the world in order to raise awareness and in the end increase sales, in our case we were surprise with our results even if the web page of the company was not the most develop, now we know how important is to have a strong page so user can get all the information that is needed.In today’s world Internet is such a powerful tool that in which customers from all over the world can compare and make purchasing, so is up the companies to explore and exploit all their options in order to stand out from the interiors, in our case an implementation of the page might be a good strategy and after a proper camping will be useful to achieve better results.After the challenge and campaign we didn’t know exactly what to expect or what to do because of the little knowledge about the topics but during it we discover that how powerful this tools is and useful to all kind of business.

Group Dynamics and Client Dynamics Working in a team didn’t represent any problems, we have been working together before and we solve all the issues that came along as a team, each one of the embers actively participate with their own point of view that allows us to identify different ways to approach to different aspects.Learning objectives & outcomes At the end we are proud the work we have done as a team and also how we where able to came up with a camping is a short period of time with Just a little of knowledge. But what we really learn is how important in and convenient is to learn from a practical point of view and how easier it is compare with Just learning the concept.

Future recommendations The Towards web page should enhanced for better and faster use in the future.