Poverty of a certain amount of material owned



            Poverty is the insufficiency or the
absence of a certain amount of material owned or money. Poverty is a various
concept that include social, economic, and political elements. The problems of
poverty are many, like child development, crime, education, and low social
mobility. However, there are many solutions that we can use to stop poverty,
like creating good jobs, working full time , raising the minimum wage, expanding
Medicaid, not having children before getting married, and getting good
education. Poverty is Affecting thousands of people every day, leaving people
on welfare and without homes, so governments needs to create jobs for the
homeless so that they can get back on their feet again. When they have jobs,
they have income, so they can get themselves out of poverty.

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            The first problem from poverty, is
child development, children developing in poor families are more expected to be
taught bad behaviors, and they would be more affected to personality disorder along
the way growing up. Additionally, children that live in a continual poverty
also display the worst emotional progress, in contrary to children from better class
backgrounds. Unfortunately, teenagers who came from poor families are generally
unable to engage in social, ease and memorial action, that can badly influence
their confidence and the way they try to make friends. They could sense less
capable to catch interest of learning chances in their life, which can finally
damage their hiring possibilities in the near future.

            The second problem from poverty, is
crime. According to Edinburgh Study of Youth Transitions and Crime,”
Poverty had a significant and direct effect on young people’s likelihood to
engage in violence at age 15″(126). Youthful people that live in households
where the person that is trying to keep the family on their feet  was jobless and they are also expected in
engaging in action against the law. In addition, people that are poor with low endanger
background have higher chance to participate in violence. This factor which is
for positive groups of youth people, that live 
in a penniless family have a higher risk of participating in violence
beyond the bounds what one would think.

            The third problem from poverty, is
education. According to Donald Hirsch, advisor to the Joseph Rowntree
Foundation,” Only 14 percent of the variation in a child’s performance can
be attributed to school quality”(par. 9). This means that a children
settings have a symbolic reaction on them and their effectiveness in school.
Teenagers that are from poor household 
have way more lesser  possiblity
to succeed in school. According to Department of Education statistics,” By
the end of the primary school, pupils in need of free school meals are
estimated to be almost three terms behind their more effluent peers.”  

            The fourth problem from poverty, is
low social mobility. Teenagers that were born poor are more presumably to age
up to be poor. For instance, penniless children in United Kingdom in the 1970s
are twice more likely to be poor more than adults, whereas poor children in the
1980s are four time more likely to be poor. So families that can’t find
reliable jobs, they are helpless to give  their children what is required  from attention and resources. This basically
make it tough for the families to assemble a better living for their children

            Although some people would say that
creating more jobs, working full time will not help to prevent poverty.
According to Martin Luther king,” I am now convinced that the simplest
approach will prove to be the most effective, the solution to poverty is to
abolish it directly by a now widely discussed measure: the guaranteed
income.” So the best direction out of poverty is a strong paying job. To
get back to prerecession hiring levels, we have to create 5.6 million new jobs.
Furthermore, to start a job growth now, the government should spend money on
the infrastructure by reconstructing the bridges, roads, ports, schools and
libraries, and abandoned housing; expanding broadband; and make new investments
that would generate jobs and push up the national economy. To illustrate,
widening federal unemployment insurance would have created 200000 new jobs in
2014. However, congress failed to operate, leaving 1.3 million people and their
households without this important economic lifeline. We should restate federal
unemployment insurance, and also improve on proven models of support employment
to back  the long term unemployed and
another damaged workers going back to the labor force.

            Definitely some people  will say that raising the minimum wage will
not help poverty. But in contrary it will help very much. For example, in the
late 1960s, the minimum wage was sufficient to boost a family out of poverty.
Not so anymore. The present federal minimum wage of  $10.30 an hour is a poverty wage, so what we
need to do is raise the minimum wage to at least $15 an hour, this would lift
more than 4 million Americans out of poverty. Approximately one in five
children would see their parent  get a
raise. In addition, recent process by states and cities shows that raising the
minimum wage will in fact reduce poverty and increase the wages.

            Although some people would say that
expanding Medicaid is not helping poverty, because they say most people don’t
qualify for it, since they have money. But these people only think about
themselves. Since it was signed into law in 2010, the low-cost care act has
increased the access to high quality, cheap health coverage for millions of
people. In spite of, 23 states decline to widen their Medicaid programs to help
adults up to 138 percent of the federal poverty line, that will let many
families to fall down or it would be so hard to stay on the edge . On the other
hand, widening Medicaid, doesn’t only intend that you have entry to healthcare
only, on the other hand it will free up some of families income for more
important requirements, like paying the house rent and buying food for the
household. Furthermore, health insurance is also a  critical shield versus the economics outcome
of sickness or harm. What’s more is that unpaid medical bills are the main
reason that causing households to go on insolvency. Studies associate Medicaid insurance
not only to a enhanced  health, better incoming
healthcare services, and as well to decrease the financial pressure. this is
the best period of time for the whole world to widen an improve Medicaid.

            Surprisingly some people would say
that having a good education is not a good solution for poverty, however they
say the opening his own business is so much better. But what they don’t know
that not everyone have money to open his own business. One of the extreme
powerful obligation we could bring in site that can insure that everybody obtain
 the best education that the purpose of
it to bring extremely top kind of early schooling to all children from low
income households. A lot of people consider that schooling in the first couple
years of school only influence the youth. Furthermore, the confirmation from neuroscience
and from neatly executed platform estimation display that school involvement has
continuing effects and will be the best efficient process  to ensure as mush as many more children are
strong in the schools, to finish his education and to start earning for in the
future. The government should expand this objective by investing in  the states that are ready to improve their
quality in the first years of schooling for the children that have low income,
to give the key to start a new life. And then the children will have a better
life than their parents, and even better maybe they would have an excellent
that they can help their parents to live in a better way.

            Many people have children before
getting married, which some people would say it is ok. In contrary, having
children before getting married is so bad and unhealthy for the child, because
most of the time when they have the child they are not ready to be a good  parent to take care of the child. The settlement
to our problem is located  in the bigger
society in what parents, belief organizations, and mostly the media.
Nevertheless, the government can assist by contributing stuff to those battling
this fight in the nongovernmental  zone,
by insuring that couples who will have children before getting married will be
fined with a big amount of money, this way people will get scared and they will
have children only when they get married and when they have a balanced life so
the children will grow in a strong household, and by supporting programs that
can help in reducing childbearing before getting married. Besides if a child
was being raised by parents that are not ready to be parents, most of the time
the child will grow up to be nothing in the society, and will have manners,
since he was never raised in a good way.

            Therefore, we have learned that
poverty is a major problem that need to be addressed to the world, and let
people know what is happening in other countries, like Africa people are dying
because they can’t find something to eat. Although there are many people that
are trying to help with stopping poverty, but it is impossible to stop without
the help of the rich countries, because if we need to fight poverty, we have to
fight with as much as possible many we can get, and there are not too many
countries that can support this need. Additionally,  what we learned that poverty is getting worse
than it was, millions of children are leaving on trash and dying from
starvation. So people need to stop spending 
their money on items that they don’t need  and starting helping to stop poverty, and
maybe  someday there will be no poverty
anymore in the world.  People must help
not only through media so people can see them and take bride, no, they need to
help form their hearts.                



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