Prabhjot for peace but Sir Gawain convinced to

Prabhjot SinghMs. PetitoELA III / period 1 19 December 2017King Arthur Favourite KnightKing Arthur two favourite knight Sir Lancelot and Sir Gawain.Sir Lancelot fall in love with king arthur wife queen Guinevere.Sir Lancelot establish dominion over france and conflict between Sir lancelot and King Arthur.Sir Lancelot wrote letter to king Arthur for peace but Sir Gawain convinced for battle with Sir Lancelot.Sir Gawain want to battle with Sir Lancelot.King Arthur two favourite knight going to battle against each other.By examining King Arthur’s action and decisions it is clear that sir Gawain not Lancelot was his favourite knight.The king Arthur dream also show that  strong relationship between Sir Gawain and King Arthur.When King Arthur going to fight in morning with Sir Mordred that night he dream  about Sir Gawain.Sir Gawain Said “God has vouchsafed that we visit you and plead not go fight with king Arthur not only you kill yourself but your all nobel knight (233).Sir Gawain convinced to king Arthur for peace in morning and In morning King Arthur did as Gawain said.He peace with Sir Mordred instead of fight.The king Arthur did not  accept peace with Sir Lancelot.When Sir Lancelot wrote letter to king Arthur for peace but Sir Gawain convinced to don’t do that.Sir Gawain said that “my lieg if we accept that we will be become laughingstock in this land and our own  (229).He didn’t accept peace because they think if they make that peace they will be become laughingstocks and king Arthur accept Sir Gawain Advice.King Arthur Said ” Sir Gawain i do as your advice although Lancelot terms are generous”(229).King Arthur did as Sir Gawain said.King Arthur also helped sir Gawain in battle  against Sir Lancelot When Sir Gawain challenge  to Sir lancelot King Arthur helped with blocking and surrounding  city Benwick with large number of army in order to help Sir Gawain  to win that battle.King Arthur said “we beseech you,do not look so dismayed you have many trustworthy knights behind you” (229).Next day had laid siege to the city of Benwick.By examining King arthur decand actions it is clear that King arthur favourite knight is sir gawain King Arthur did all of things as sir gawain said king Arthur decisions  and actions based on Sir Gawain want.The king arthur trust and believe sir gawain opinion and actions.The king Arthur make peace with sir Mordred  only because Sir Gawain said to do that in his dream  and they have trust with each other.