Pre Practicum Reflective Paper

My second practicum is fast approaching and I am feeling enthusiastic to learn more about nursing skills and tasks. My aim is to learn nursing objectives and the Registered Nurse alms towards their patient’s recovery. I understand that the patients in rehab ward are all under recovery of some type of trauma from surgery fall or unhealthy wound conditions.

I would like to know the nurse’s aims of recovery of a patient within 2 weeks. This will give me an assumption of expectation of healing of patients set by registered nurses.During this rehab ward placement I would like to practice my basic wound dressing skills, performing as much observation of blood pressure, blood sugar levels, temperature and pulse reading. I would also Like to assist the registered nurse with her daily task, ensuring it is wealth my scope of practice. In this placement I expect to learn daily routine of a registered nurse. I expect to learn certain types of drug names and the type of condition the drug is given.

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I would also like to see effects of good nursing practices of wound dressing and the healing taken place within the two weeks. 1) Professional Practice Professional practices In this placement would be working wealth my scope of practice. I would also keep privacy and confidentiality of the patient I attend to. I would make sure the handover sheet is kept in a safe place and I will put it through the paper shredder after each shift. I will ensure the policy and guidelines of the hospital before performing any procedure.

I would also double check with the experienced nurses before I give any important information to the patient. 2) Critical thinking and Analysis My objective is to learn more about wound conditions and the type of dressing used for the wounds. I would also like to learn more about technique of transferring patient from bed to chair after they had a surgery. I would want to observe how a wound would heal within 2 weeks.

Would like to know more about type of pain killers used on patient for future nursing interventions.I would work with my preceptors and ask questions on the right wound techniques. I would also read the wound management plan to gain knowledge on types of dressing. 3) Provision and Coordination of Care I would aim to manage and care for patient within the time frame off shift.

I would also learn to encourage residents that are afraid to make the next step of walking or moving after their surgery with the Registered nurse assistance. I would also try and think outside the box for analyzing reason off patient could fall.I understand that almost all the patients are risk of falling when the surgery is done on their limbs or hips. I would try and figure out to minimize this risk.

For example I would always leave the nurse’s calling bell close to patient, eliminate any extra chairs or equipment in patient room. I would also make sure patient with diabetes gets assistance with toileting first thing in the morning as they could have dizziness before medications. I would also take extra care towards patient that had laxatives as nee may Russ to ten toilet Ana nave a Tall. ) collaborative Ana I enraptured I would ensure I read care plans and patient history before attending a difficult patient. I would ask when I am in doubt of doing any procedure.

I will make sure my practice is compliable within the organization policy and procedure. I would make sure I become an extra hand to the registered nurse by reminding nurses of medication and wound dressing task that needed to be done. Most importantly I would check with the staff with the type of assistance a patient I have not worked with for example I will make sure if they are one or two assist and so on.