Pre-writing essay

Share your honest thoughts and feeling about your life at this time Working Topic Sentence for BP #1 [transition + topic + connection to thesis]: l: I was carefree and had the ability to do almost whatever I wanted. I was a freshman in high school in la Habit.

My mom was never home, she was always out with her boyfriend We lived with my grandma and she didn’t care where I was. I was always out with friends and I wasn’t doing good things. Stayed out all night wouldn’t return home some nights. I had a run in with the cops and charged with a felony at 14 years old.

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I went to school whenever I wanted to and just didn’t worry a lot on school or my future. I felt free before I acted this way I never took any risks, I was always careful and never wanted to cause any trouble for anyone. I was having the time of my life and I thought my life was great and that it couldn’t get any better. I loved the life I had and all my friends, I didn’t worry too much on my future Just worried about what was happening then and there.

BP #2: [the event/turning point] Vivid Description/Details about event/turning point [remember to ;show’ and not tell] ReflectionSentence for BP #2 [transition + topic + connection to thesis]: The process of me and my siblings being taken away from my mom to another family that we knew from a long time ago. I and my two younger siblings were at court and we got the news that we were being taken away. The people who worked at the foster home asked if we knew anyone who might pick us up we told them about some old family friends that have been for us before. I was mad that this was happening again, I was hurt and sad also. I was scared of being separated from my other siblings, I was also scared of hat might happen to us.I was trying to be strong for my brother and sister because we were all going through the same thing. I thought that nothing good would come from what was happening.

BP #3: [life AFTER the event/turning point] Vivid Description/Details about your life AFTER the event/turning point [remember to “show’ and not tell] Reflection Sentence for BP #3 [transition + topic + connection to thesis]: Living with Art and Claudia NAS change my Tie Tort ten netter. A my roster ciao, NAS Eden a great father figure to me which was something I never had.My foster parents had me heck in and always wanted to know where I was, they cared for us like we were their own kids. We were all happy and I went to school every day and got friends that were a better influence on me. They gave me the tools to succeed, things that I would have only dreamed of if I still lived with my mom I was very happy and grateful for Art Claudia for taking in all three of us into their home and accepting us as their own family. I am blessed to be given a chance to make something of myself and I will do all I can to do so. I feel more mature and more responsible than I did 4 years ago.