preferred of advertisements. As the quote states, “We

website as well as specific colours and layouts. And therefore adjust the
advertisements on their sites to your personal preferences. Instagram is a
known as a social media platform that uses the same approach when it comes to
their advertisements.


The real
question here is whether or not this is a source of advertisers influencing the
buying behavior of their consumers. And whether this is considered as something
good or something bad. (WebWise, 2012)

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need to stop interrupting what people are interested in & be what people
are interested in.” – Craig Davis. This quote sums up the main intention that
advertisements should have. Over the last years, advertisers have lost sight of
what the aim is of advertisements. As the quote states, “We need to stop
interrupting what people are interested in” this emphasizes how nowadays,
advertisers aim to incorporate a sense of manipulation in their advertisements
in order to get more customers to buy their products. As discussed above,
studies are conducted in order to gain a greater insight, on their customers
and how the feel and act towards certain things. Through this strategy, they
are able to adjust their findings to the way to create their advertisements;
this therefore makes it more attractive to a larger audience. A great example,
of this would be the technique of Internet cookies, product placement as well
as the manipulation of emotions and colour associations, which are discussed


contrast to this, the second part of the quote states, “be what people are
interested in” This sums up what advertisers, should aim to be in our world
today, as advertisements are considered, as the most powerful communication
tool we have till this very day. This often leads to people underestimating how
powerful advertisements actually are and how they can easily make a difference
of the consumer buying behavior.