Principles of safeguarding and protection

It Is Important that Information relating to people receiving support or care Is securely stored. This is to protect their privacy and maintain trust between the person and the health or social care service. Read the following scenarios and explain why the information should have been stored securely.

Scenario 1 Kathy has Just seen the doctor about her hemorrhoids, which she is very embarrassed about. Once she leaves the surgery, the receptionist collects Kathy totes and puts them down on the magazine table while she titles the reception area.The receptionist forgets to pick up Kathy notes and goes back to work.

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Later In the day, Kathy neighbor, Janice, comes into the surgery for her appointment with the nurse, and sees the notes. She sees Kathy name on the front of the notes, thinks they belong to Kathy and starts to read them. She finds out that Kathy has hemorrhoids. Being a good neighbor, Janice goes to the pharmacy and buys Kathy some hemorrhoid ointment, which she takes to Kathy. Kathy Is very embarrassed. Scenario 2 Joe has got an appointment for her varicose veins to be operated on at the local day surgery.Joe has to go for a pre-pop appointment at the day surgery a week before the operation.

While at the pre-pop appointment, a letter is printed off with details of the operation and what Joe needs to do. The details of the letter are left on the computer screen, where everyone can see them. What do the SIC Codes of Practice say about maintaining confidential Information? In both scenarios the Information should have been stored securely as each person’s information was left somewhere that everybody could see.Causing each person embarrassment and the intrusion in their private lives from both people who knew them as well as those who did not know them. Practice says respect confidential information and clearly explain agency policies about confidentiality to service users and careers; Functional skills English: Reading – Read through the scenarios to extract relevant facts on how information should be stored securely. By reading through the SIC Codes of Practice, you will be using a deferent type of text to gather Information and be