Procrastination cases leading to serious issues like low

Procrastination is the practice of carrying something lessimportant tasks in preference to more important ones, or accomplishing morealluring things set up of less attractive ones, consequently putting it offapproaching undertakings to a later time (Mindfit Hypnosis, n.d.). Individualswith this sort of state of mind, we frequently hear them saying “I will beginit after”, “I do not generally need to do it at this moment”, Itis really that important” are only some of the reasons we may said or inabout to hear for those individuals who linger themselves. Because of absenceof time to arrange and manage effectively, procrastination behavior isgenerally described as the difficulties that an individual has in performingday by day tasks.             According toHara Estroff Marano (2003), as she talked to two of the world leading expertson procrastination. They said that twenty percent of individuals thought aboutthemselves as chronic procrastinators. For them procrastination is a lifestylein spite of the fact that it is not good to adapt.

It is considerable but, as aculture we don’t consider it important as a problem. It speak to a significantissue of self-direction. They advise misleads themselves. For example, “Ifeel more like doing this tomorrow” or “I work best understrain”. By one means or another it works however the vast majority ofthem they don’t get the urge in the following day or work best under pressure.

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Academicprocrastination behavior is conduct as doing homework, getting ready for exams,or doing the research papers allotted toward the end of the term at the lastminute.             Students whoprocrastinate undergoes higher levels of frustration, guilt, stress, andanxiety—in some cases leading to serious issues like low self-esteem anddepression that can negatively affect their schoolwork, grades, and even theirgeneral well-being. Not just had this conditions may a high school students canexperience. The effects of procrastination can have even more significanteffect individually. Students who procrastinate until the last minute of thetime allotment tend to receive lower grades than their peers.

This can create acycle of bad grades and low self-confidence that can be difficult for studentsto overcome. And once students reach high school and start receiving moretake-home assignments and larger projects, this will be the time when marksstart to impact the post-secondary opportunities for students, this can lead toa lot of extra stress and frustration (Oxford Learning Centres, Inc., 2017)            Despite theway that, this issue is a common phenomenon and an unfavorable feature, it doesnot appear to be anything but difficult to characterize it in a pleasing way inthe writing.

Along these lines, this issue is as yet existing and persistentlyhas by most part of the students.