Project objectives are based on sound business case,

Project statement
of work

of this case study is to focus on reasons why project for development of a
corporate database failed and present a detailed plan based on best practices
regarding how to deal with complexity in IT projects and the critical success
factors that are involved in such IT projects.

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projects depend on several factors but the most important is a detailed plan that
meets requirements, can be tracked and helps all stakeholders drive towards a
common goal. Project Manager (PM) is ultimately accountable for success or
failure. PM needs to ensure a detailed plan is documented, reviewed, agreed,
used for execution, tracking progress, and closing of project as per industry
standard guidelines and best practices.

Business case

This case
study is based on analysis of a project that like any other project in
organizations has its own peculiarities. Even though the project is for a
company like any other and objectives are based on sound business case, the
reasons why project failed highlight the need for a project plan. Focus of
analysis was on understanding all factors that if managed well would have
resulted in successful completion of the project.

practices from study of
project management guidelines have been incorporated to create a detailed
project plan that if followed to complete project within allocated
budget, assigned time and of desired quality.

environmental factors

The case highlights the following factors that have
a direct influence on the Corporate Database project. There was a business case
and strong motivation driving need
for a project because data processing had grown at a faster pace than the rest
of the bank and need for a tool to speed up the processing of consumer
transactions. The database was intended to let employees at the bank know what
total banking services a corporate customer was using, determine how profitable
a corporate customer was to the bank and to develop corporate profiles to help
contact officers sell likely services offered by the bank to corporations.

There was a perception of leadership with president of ISD, who authorizes Systems Research
to prepare an impact statement, Priority Committee that reviews problem and
impact statements, set priorities and rank previously introduced projects,
reviews request for funding, and have it approved and ranked in overall
priority order for the bank. Next in hierarchy in chain of leadership are the
senior executives who place potential projects in ranked sequence followed by
Systems Research Group of ISD that prepares a full-scale project proposal to
the user sponsor to support need for approval and help in setting priority level
of the proposed work and manager of corporate development who assigns project
manager. Authority also seems to lie with systems group for systems definition
who authorize system design and development, and system implementation and
Quality Review Board that reviews documentation produced during the phases and
authorizes work to progress based on their detailed knowledge that all required
tasks and successfully completed and documented. The leadership is a key factor
as hierarchy and authoritative relationships play a major role in influencing
the project during multiple phases of the project. In this case, the fact that
Project Manager had to report to two key leaders (General Manager and Executive
Vice President) was a key influencing factor that had a significant impact on
its outcome Other key environmental factors include management of key personnel
(internal Information Service Division- ISD and external vendors) who are
involved in different phases and sub-phases of the project.  Based on information available from the case,
there seems to be a very high level of quality expected from projects and risk
tolerance is low primarily because it operated in a regulatory environment.