PROLOGUE well as retailers operating in Kazakhstan. Expats


In this chapter the major features
regarding the foreign workforce would be described, as well as the background
of the company, its challenges, and finally, the none-ethical cases happened
within the company itself.

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The active development
of Kazakhstan’s economy in the post-Soviet period contributed to attracting a
large number of foreign specialists and managers to the country. Almost all international
companies, as well as large national enterprises, still have a considerable
number of foreign specialists in their state. First of all, we are talking
about the mining sector, oil and gas
production, industrial construction, managing companies of large national
holdings, leading investment and consulting firms, as well as retailers
operating in Kazakhstan.

Expats play a
big role in the development of Kazakhstan economy. They contribute to the
mixing of cultures, the introduction of new ideas. The presence of expats in
the country motivates local residents to learn languages, approaches, learn something new. However, they are
not a panacea. Foreigners do not necessarily bring something better, but only
show alternative opportunities: how else can you build a business, manage a
team. Another argument in favor of
expats – from the field of corporate culture. Here is a significant plus in the
exchange of experience, when professionals come from another market who have
tested similar projects in their homeland. Having expatriate personnel in the
company manpower plan is also interesting and prestigious for the image of the

As for the
interest of foreigners in Kazakhstan – there are many niches that are not yet
filled. In addition, the shortage of professionals with whom the companies of
the commercial sector faced for a long time in the conditions of a growing and
dynamic market, left country no choice but to attract ready-made specialists from abroad and get a quick
result in the form of a certain market share. Regarding the low ability to keep resources in the country, it
could be said that this is a scourge of many post-Soviet states that have faced
the problems of the loss of scientific, engineering, sports, medical personnel
due to the lack of attractive opportunities for these people to realize
themselves at home and build here a comfortable life. The stereotype of Soviet
times is still alive in the minds of many families.

Speaking about the professional areas that
are most attractive for foreign labor, it is stressed that the most popular
area is Top Management, 27% of all expatriate job hunters seek to become
leaders in the Kazakhstan labor market, and TOP-5 includes Industry (15%), IT
and Telecom (13%), Production (13%), Finance and Accounting (10%) and Tourism
and Restaurant Business (8%).