Summary of findings, Conclusion and Recommendations Summary of Findings: We arrived at San Sister Covered Court before am; this Is the venue where the seminar for adults and games for the kids will be conducted. We cleaned the venue where the seminar will be conducted; we put the tarpaulin, chairs, tables, sounds system and the TV that will be used for the whole duration of the program. The registration starts mamma both for the kids and adults.While the kids are busy playing on the other side of the venue, on the other hand the adults started the lean up drive, 10 groups where formed and they were given 30 minutes each to finish cleaning the specific area assigned to them.

After cleaning and having a rest, City Councilor Hon.. Alexis “Chit” Dissuasive gave an inspirational talk among the people who attended the seminar. After the talk snacks were served to the participants and the turn over ceremony of the medicines happened at the same time together with Bray.Councilor BC Board. The seminar for the adult and hand washing for the kids simultaneously they are conducted. The speaker for the seminar regarding the Ecological Solid Waste Management Is our group leader Mr.

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. Carols Miguel Summate and for the hand washing is Mrs.. Kimberly Carpet. Before the SEEM seminar starts a pre test was given to the participants. After conducting the two activities, a post test was given to the participants of the seminar.

The kids enjoyed playing and learning something new as well as the adults enjoyed the raffle and bingo game and gained new knowledge and information on how they can keep their environment clean and neat. Awarding of certificate of participation to the volunteers and certificate of recognition to out adviser Mr.. Tale Library, TORT happened before ending the program. After the event we cleaned up the place and do after care.

Conclusion: We observed that most of the people don’t know what Ecological Solid Waste Management is; we based this observation when we gave them a pre test, the result shows that they are not familiar with it.Before we conduct the seminar there is an activity for the to do the clean up drive, in this activity we observed how they cooperate with each other and how they help one another just to finish the work and finish it before or on time. Afterwards we conducted the seminar and explain to them hat is SEEM, or’s and different kinds of waste, after it we gave them a post test, the result was good because we know that they gained knowledge regarding SEEM and what is it for.We can say that the seminar went well, they didn’t Just focus on getting rewards and raffle prizes, but they focused on how they will maintain a healthy and clean environment not Just for themselves but for the community Itself. Recommendations: a) More volunteers for the control of the crowd c) Set up a day before the event d) Ample size of the venue e) Patience with the participants and other members f) Have back up plans