Prosperous as a student

Each individual has their own, unique learning style; mine is aural and kinesthesia. As an aural learner primarily, I enjoy when instructors explicate things to me one on one, and primarily lecture rather than teach from the book. Filling out numerous amounts of notes distract, and only hinder me in the long run. Secondly, I am a kinesthesia learner; loving the hands on style of learning. Interacting by performing real life examples definitely make the material am learning much more concrete and easily understood. Studying is very significant and imperative as a student in high school.

As I mentioned in the previous paragraph, my learning style is aural and kinesthesia; also correlating to the way study. Reading my notes aloud, and forming study groups are some of the most effective studying methods for myself; an aural learner. Also, my kinesthesia side allows me to recall past experiments, and go over previous labs to help better retain what I’ve learned. Each and every individual has a unique personality style which effects the way they act as a student. Taking the Myers-Briggs and True Color Assessment have helped me realize who I am personally as a student.

The Myers-Briggs assessment showed me to be an ‘EST.’. The “E”, or extrovert side of me shows how learn best when in groups, with active interaction between students, and background noise. The “S”, or sensing side demonstrates how I like to have set instructions. It’s very easy to look for specific information and memorize facts. The “T”, or thinking side of me displays how I always tend to critique and question the ideas of others. I like to learn through debate and challenge. The “P”, or perceiving side of me illustrates how I want teachers to stay entertaining and inspire me with every lesson.

I enjoy spontaneity and straying away from set routines. In the True Colors assessment, it classified me as an ‘Orange’. As an orange, normally act on impulse and see life only for the here and now. I openly require a sense of variety and stimulation and act best when chaos is involved. Am very bold, and love making everything a competition. When I get angry, I am usually very reckless and defiant. Not only am verbally aggressive, an orange as myself tends to also be physically aggressive. All of my learning styles, studying habits, and personality traits help make me prosperous as a student.

Each one allows me to personalize all of my schooling to make certain it is most effective, and allows me to learn best. It also helps me pick out a job or class that most accurately fits my way of doing things. Ultimately, my success as a student and employee correspond directly to my specific traits. Achieving my goals and commitments are what drive me in my day to day life. Using my unique learning, studying, and personality traits, I will make sure to utilize them to my best ability to continue prospering in everything do.